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Molly and the Doughboy 2-3

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Molly and the Doughboy is pretty sarcastic. Really, I'm just pointing out the stupidity or hypocrisy of other people.

A short FAQ:

1. Who is Molly? Is she related to the regular characters or something?
Nope. She has nothing to do with the main story.

2. She looks kinda like Robin from Robin's Art Week...?
Just because of the hair and stripes. She doesn't have anything to do with Robin's Art Week, I just like drawing stripes and ponytails.

3. Who is Doughboy?
Doughboy is (more or less) like an evil conscience. Everybody does stupid things, but very few have the wisdom to realize it. Most people use their "Doughboy" and convince themselves that it was the right thing to do. I.E.: "Yeah, stealing that video game was totally right because they charge too much money for it!"

4. Why is he/she/it called Doughboy?
Because I drew the character while sketching a few months back, and never really had a name. Once I went back to those sketches, I realized the character kinda looked like a twisted version of another Doughboy that's rather popular in society...

More FAQ on next page!
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what a bitch

i have no idea how long i've been with my girlfriend when she asks me how long we've been together i just say "what? i dont count how long we've been together, do you? is our relationship really that bad??" but any way i know its something between a few months and too long
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Doughboy and Ponytails. I like them.