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Her Hunting Grounds

I decided to make something a tad more involved than just a simple clothing item.  

To start, I made the nipple tape.  Ridiculously easy to make and enjoyed making them.  So, my Genesis 3 Females now have nipple tape.  Not sure if I'd ever use them again but I do have them and this is why I enabled mature content for this image.

I decided to make a newer set of foxy boxing trunks.  Something with some detail in the low-polygon mesh so they just seem to have more depth.  They came out somewhat okay.  I had hoped for a fatter waistband but I'm not sure exactly why it's so much smaller inside DAZ.  It has to be the body shape fit but can't nail it down.

I'm sure some may have noticed the stiletto boxing boots.  I've been working on those for AGES and finally got around to finishing them.  I initially was going to have her wearing fishnets but it didn't seem to work.   Painter had problems with the boots and cannot figure out what in the mesh is causing viewport problems, but it also happened when I made this ring corner.

The "ring" is actually just a corner, and I replaced the ropes with chain links.  I had some setbacks doing this in Blender but figured it out.  I had viewport problems in Painter with this corner item so I removed most of the backfacing polygons and eliminated three corners.  Seems to have fixed whatever the issue was.  I'm wondering if the polygon counts were too big.

The stool I had for a while.  Just properly textured it.

I spent so much time on getting this done, I didn't think of her name.  Maybe I will in the future.

The backdrop was done in Photoshop.  Rendered in Lux, of course.
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I like the heels!