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Dante Hair for Genesis

From Devil May Cry.

Should work.  Seems that the textures were compressed extremely well.
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Thank you! Your character looks a little bit like young Dolph Lundgren

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Thank you a million times! this solved my hair problem and they really cool
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Thanks this is just the hair I have been looking for!!!
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Is this a refit or the hair itself?
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Thank you! The hair looks pretty amazing!!
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Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful hair :)
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Wow! Thank you very much for this cool Hair. :)
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You are incredible - any number of hairstyles is more than welcome!

Do you think you could try to make Genesis, Gen2F and Gen2M refits for a few free hairstyles designed for Generation 4 figures please? I could send you the links to them and it would be up to you if you're interested or not.
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Possibly.  Haven't tried it but if they can be exported as a simple OBJ it shouldn't be too hard.
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Cool. I can always use more hair styles.
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Thanks, just what I was looking for.:) (Smile) 
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