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Cycle by SedahLiah Cycle :iconsedahliah:SedahLiah 4 3
Stuck in a monologue; the
Matchstick theater
Where the performer
Hordes the seats and
Burns the receipts
Of old adages
And ramblings.
The crash of lights
In a camera lens
Frames a brand
New kind of argument;
The business of show and to
Let what's shown
Be bent.
The answer to immortality
Is an audience
:iconsedahliah:SedahLiah 6 4
Untie Passion's roots
From Expectation,
Our carnal minds will never tell;
And in that hour-long
Of self, lift Detachment's spell.
:iconsedahliah:SedahLiah 2 2
Travel: An Anthology
Walla Walla, WA
The first step, a new horizon
Will not unmeet my shy eye.
It stalks me but will not blink back.
The river running underneath
And trinket shops
Succumbing to sunset hues.
It's like arriving on a friend's doorstep,
And taking the guest room;
Drinking wine,
And letting the simple
Make a simpler man out of you.
Atlanta, GA
Sometimes in the absence of sleep,
The colors of love look different;
And in trying to define them,
Comes the madness.
Sometimes in the absence of love,
The feelings of pleasure feel hollow;
And in trying to refine them,
Sows the sadness.
Sometimes in a solitary place
You can see the pulsing
Of past promises, making
Honest indentations
In the sheets.
And sometimes in hotel lights
It's like you can see
Inch closer to a dream,
But it's harder, still, to sleep.
Charleston, SC
No home-grown souls, and mud-thick air
Welcomes the travelling bones.
You come once, and see hope,
Come again and wish you weren't there.
:iconsedahliah:SedahLiah 33 8
In my waning I am pure.
In myself, my true selves mature
As dry passageways; a splash of concrete
Sets in a name.
In my aimless straying,
I settle,
For being stranger
Is better
For some; losing faith in the phases
Of what I've become.
Austere moon, the stubborn cells
That stir in me will breathe new life
In you; as the sun returns,
My inner chaos tames.
There is no growth without change.
The night is destitute, a womb
So self-contained; the mind, a satellite
Tied to only one wave.
Obscure moon, may your newness obscure me, too.
For there is no growth without change,
And small steps are steps all the same.
:iconsedahliah:SedahLiah 7 4
Could the rented sun contest
Against the continent
That has splurged
And has spent blue skies,
Perhaps the ruins of my eyes
Could rest on yours and
See light, and feel blessed.
In the absence of ambience
It seems the air is less patient
For voices intent
On speaking plain.
Could these rented sentences make amends
For anything,
It's the staying still when
Legs are begging to begin,
When just one step feels too big.
:iconsedahliah:SedahLiah 5 2
Silent as a foreign, bronze god in its shape,
Toward an endless sleep it cannot escape.
There is whiteness in space, centuries of sand
That must be collected by speck and by strand.
Already belonging to a spotless sea,
Figures still litter like an ancient algae.
The mind drowns, wanders when the spirit is weak;
The eyes too heavy to see the crude fuel leak.
Is it noble to die a slave, a machine
Meant just to clean...or a thing free from routine -
Silent as a foreign, bronze god in its shape,
Toward an endless sleep it cannot escape?
There is whiteness in space, centuries of sand
That must be collected by speck and by strand.
They remind me of floating youth left at dawn
From a faraway star dispersed and now gone.
Forever is a last stand, an intimate
Landing pad for when our ships can't hold the weight
And in the greedy blackness of all, they fall
On marble rocks. An orbit's pull cannot call
Us to surfaces, but instead we must crash.
A small planet awaits my vessel of trash,
Silent as a
:iconsedahliah:SedahLiah 4 4
In bearing things, as memories,
A pull of one brings something more.
Could I recall
The only full
Expanse I've sensed, would this world then seem small?
In all things said of emptiness
It's a mess
Of molecules that serve that end.
The long-distraught leviathan called Past,
Unchanged, its wilting leaves
Will never last;
In bearing things as parts of me,
The sparseness
Starts to show
Where art can constantly span.
Hard to parse the
Distance I trek,
The dust left shows a destination
Best focused than reset.
Afterthoughts and premonitions
Of histories
:iconsedahliah:SedahLiah 3 0
Where Loving Leads
Where loving leads I lean most heavily,
Where decisions aren't easy
And reactions are rash.
But it seems that if living has no locomotion
Then it's harder to fall, harder to crash.
I know of a love only taken not given,
And yet in its mercy I happily stand;
I see a woman enslaved by deep inhibition,
Wanting not to give in to a weak heart's demand.
"Where loving leads is sickening" she sang, once
To herself and then no longer.
Were it easy to change a statue, make it like you,
How could it grow stronger?
It was always up to me to charm, disarm, or just engross her.
Her way of being close: standing still as I inched closer.
:iconsedahliah:SedahLiah 3 0
Muddy Waters
I cannot clean
In between where
'15 struck and
This year spanned, I'm
A muddy wreck of obstinate time.
Time just to sit
And with it be
Done, split the face
That I trace when
I cannot claw away from the pen.
:iconsedahliah:SedahLiah 2 8
Funeral By The Sea
Choose your beach before you go,
Tears caught in throats will one day owe
The scenic vista one last flow.
Mountains will pose and breezes blow,
Avoiding tropes of air and land
But hanging there still by a strand.
Choose the beach where it will end,
Seafoam to outline and shape a friend
Whom was ill and fought just to attend.
Remain in them and you shall ascend
Near rocky cliffs by seagulls scanned,
The black contrasted by the sand.
:iconsedahliah:SedahLiah 1 0
Gnawing Pretensions
For now, we have buried the sun,
A rotting powder for a gun;
The universe is overrun.
Pretensions gnaw in dialogues
Of casting calls by torpid dogs,
And off a plotting mask that fogs
Conversation, all are outdone.
For no purpose, Summer's name shifts,
And forms in kingdoms Heaven lifts
To match what king barely exists.
And what tales told shall still be spun?
Better the dust on a wet brow
Than the dirt on the field we plow.
We have buried each other, now
Let all seasons mourn everyone.
:iconsedahliah:SedahLiah 2 0
A Thread-Thin Line
Of facts, she knew. From research notes could recall quotes to quickly spew.
Her passion grew, and passion floats like star-bound boats; on skies, she flew.
Textbooks could say, but not define, a thread-thin line walks minds that gray.
Facts can't outweigh a father's shine, that must decline somehow, someday.
:iconsedahliah:SedahLiah 0 0
Near-Life Experience
Childhood is sniffing
Glue, refusing to sleep when
Neurons misfiring remind
You of knowledge; looking
Back the glue really smelled of guilt.
:iconsedahliah:SedahLiah 1 0
Circadian Rhythms
There are years unclear to
Us, show-through embers burn
A hundred watts in turn;
Light pollution.
There are days unmade when
Less particles and waves
Fly at night in dark caves;
Sentinel space.
There are oscillations
And motions of eerie
Glow, maneuvering free
Inside our bones.
:iconsedahliah:SedahLiah 4 0
Holding Curiosities
Against the far exhilarating peaks, the stars spring any which way.
Perhaps there are hands invisible to us shuffling and forming them.
Toward those high nights in high space, our gazes marvel the display.
Hands of gods holding curiosities to see our faces when they change.
:iconsedahliah:SedahLiah 1 0

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The Line That Separates Trust
One more step,
and you've crossed the line.
Just one more,
and you've lost your mind.
You can't hide the facts,
behind your own falsification.
It's just another one of your masks,
to sneak past the hidden black door.
You can't get past it,
you can't get past my mind.
Don't deny what is the truth,
for the truth is what you lack.
I won't conserve this bond,
you've lost your chance.
You've stepped past that line,
and now you're in peril.
Feel the way I've felt,
so many times; it's fatal.
Don't go so far deep,
you'll never come back up.
I've offered you my patience,
but you lost your chance.
There's no more time,
take this last dance.
You form words in your mind,
but your speech has been slurred.
:iconthe-miserable-poet:The-Miserable-Poet 2 8
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Suspended Animation
We will hide in rooms
of corpses in clear coffins;
our names carved into every surface,
our fortunes told in fish eyes
and sharks’ teeth.
We are frogs in formaldehyde,
puffed up like tear-stained faces,
motel pillows;
we are jellyfish in jars,
hanging like bleached willows;
tangled tentacles dangle, flaccid,
and spectres of the Pacific
will not stir us.
In the mother-of-pearl,
in the birds of paradise,
in the ribcages and tortoiseshells,
we linger, petrified,
and do not hope to be unearthed.
Now we stand like stick figures
pinned to twilight
as orange and blue hesitate in the sky;
starlings swarm across the stuttered sunset,
bubbling and breaking, meandering and mingling;
a sentient storm that plummets to the horizon
and rises on an unseen current.
In that paradise of half-light,
we wait and pretend
that you and I can stay undecided,
and time moves on without us.
:iconchugglepuff:chugglepuff 130 118
random pic by Amalgam-Images random pic :iconamalgam-images:Amalgam-Images 9 20
I’m wholly unique and unnoticeable;
a flutter in flickering sky;
a heavenly sparkle, helping you see
the speck in your brother’s eye.
I flauntingly flurry and flirt through the air,
an attempt to annoy or allure;
fickle and flimsy, tugged by the wind,
I’m confidently insecure.
My life is but fleeting and fruitlessly spent,
I’m inconsequential and weak;
The world will not pause to grieve when I’ve gone;
I’m unnoticeable
                        but I’m wholly unique.
:iconchugglepuff:chugglepuff 14 31
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I'm interesting in unimportant ways. I write poetry. I also write music, and barely dabble with traditional arts.

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