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All That Remains by rockerdish

Mature Content

Eos by theSong

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Mature Content

Laugh Now,Pricks by icantfindone
if a tree falls... by tanja92 Taurin by FAWN-FRECKLES

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Notes on my Stock

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 26, 2010, 9:15 AM
I have no real restrictions on what you can or cannot use my stock for, as reference for traditional/digital drawings and paintings, for photomanipulation, sculpture, 3D, for anything you can think of except application resources, stocks or custom made stuff for Games such as "Sims", Second Life" and so on! I love to see what you can do. Whatever you do with my stock do not submit your art into the Photography section, it is MY photograph that I am letting you use. Do not just apply a couple of filters to my stock. Push yourself and be creative, challenge yourself! I reserve the right to ask you to remove images that have not been sufficiently manipulated. If you do not remove them when asked I will go to the admins. By sufficiently manipulated, I mean you cannot just apply a Photoshop filter/just change the colour/crop the image/change the contrast etc. Make it your own, otherwise it is still mine.

Yes, you are allowed to use my stock to practice your re-touching skills as long as you state in the title AND the description that is is a Retouch. You must provide a clear link to my page and the original image used. DO NOT under any circumstances upload your work into the Photography category! You did not take the photograph so DO NOT upload it there. Retouch photos are also NOT to be redistributed as stock.

You are not allowed to redistribute my stock as a resource. By this, I mean you are not allowed to edit my images in any way and then offer them up again for people to use. You are definately not allowed to take my image and reupload it as your own stock. I will report any theft and plagarism. However, I have no qualms about you making line-art with my stock, but if you offer it up for other people to colour then you must clearly write, (preferably right by this offer,) that my rules still need to be followed if they should choose to colour your artwork. Yes, it is your work, but my work was used to make yours, and when someone comes along to colour it they're using BOTH our work in this circumstance. I do not mind you using my stock to demonstrate PhotoShop actions that are offered up as stock, but ask me first. You must clearly state that my stock has been used as an example only and is not associated with your stock rules, and don't forget to credit me. These actions are ONLY to be offered as stock on DeviantArt, and not on any other website. I don't mind you using my stock in tutorials on DeviantArt ONLY. Ask me first with what image you will be using in the tutorial, and credit my images. Using my stock on PSP Tube websites is not allowed.

I have no problems with you making your work made with my stock available as a print, UNLESS you have done very little to the image. Images that have only been cropped, made into black and white, or with just motion blur/altered exposure or colour/PS textures etc or any re-touched photos cannot be made into Print. These have not been sufficiently manipulated to be made into prints.

Send me a note with a link to the art you want to use outside of DeviantArt, along with a link to the website you wish to use it on. Credit me for stock wherever possible. You must ask for my permission before you put your work outside of DeviantArt. (Image-hosting sites such as photobucket and flickr are not exempt from this rule!) and you must wait for my reply before you put your work up! Don't send me a note and put it up before I've had a chance to reply. I appreciate that some of you enter outside contests and that I'm not too quick with my messages at times. If you are working to a deadline send me a note asking for permission and make sure the words "URGENT - DEADLINE" are included in the note title in capitals. I look out for these notes.

EXCEPTION: You do not have to ask for the permission if you would like to use my stocks on the following sites.

If you use my stocks on one of theese sites I want you to credit me on the artwork itself.

I am usually ok with this. Note me with any questions you may have.

My images are still my own, I am putting them up for you to use in your own artwork, but adhere to my rules. Any artwork that breaks these rules I reserve the right to ask you to modify/remove as appropriate. I put effort into my stock, so please respect that. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE are you allowed to repost my stock image as your own, or post it on your photo-sharing website. Do not redistribute as stock or pass off as your own photography. That is theft and you will be dealt with accordingly.

notes originally wirtten by Tasastock

-= Photos =-

Stocks are pictures you are allowed to use them in your projects.
Follow my rules.

Photoshop textures in digital artwork makes every piece richer, adding an actual feel to your work. Se³d-rah offers you an unique index of textures you can download for free and use to enhance your next project.

Follow my rules.

-= Photoshop Resources =-

Photoshop patterns offer a quick way to enhance your project with a cohesive look. Search here for hundreds of beautiful Photoshop patterns free to download from Se³d-rah.

Follow my rules.

Photoshop brushes are a great way to add that extra little embellishment to your next project. Browse thousands of unique Photoshop brushes free to download from Se³d-rah.

Follow my rules.

Browse all the PSDs (layered Photoshop files) available to enhance your creativity and inspire yourself.

Follow my rules.

Photoshop actions are prerecorded commands that save time and transform your images with just one click! By using Photoshop actions you don't have to do all the steps in between to get a desired effect.

Follow my rules.

Photoshop shapes (also known as Photoshop custom shapes) are pre-made vector based elements that you can install to save yourself time.

Follow my rules.

Photoshop Styles are preset effects that change your text or images in just a single click. Save time by using Photoshop styles on your next project.

Follow my rules.

Stock / Resources Usage Rules

Journal Entry: Fri May 1, 2009, 4:53 AM

Read before download my stocks / resources

:bulletblack: Inform me and send me a link when you have used my stock via note or comment on the stock used.

:bulletblack: Credit me in your description with a link back to my deviantArt-account.
(FAQ #81: How can I create links to other deviants, deviations, or websites?)

:bulletblack: You must have my permission before you use my stock outside of deviantArt.
(See "Outside Use" here for more details & exceptions.)

:bulletblack: Do not submit your work into the photography section.

:bulletblack: Be creative, do not just add a filter or crop the image a bit and say "this is my artwork!" Put some effort into it!
If your work is not sufficiently editted I reserve the right to ask you to remove the image. (See "USAGE" here.)

:bulletblack: My stock is for art purposes only. Do not redistribute any editted form of my stock as a resource!
(For what is and what is not allowed, read the section here titled "PS Actions / Tutorials / Resources")

rules originally wirtten by Tasastock