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Stone Pattern 14.0

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gamophyte's avatar
Hey, making a thief2: the metal age fan mission. What native resolution should I make my canvas to export this as a repeating texture?
Sed-rah-Stock's avatar
I have no clue. I just own the .pat-file.
gamophyte's avatar
ah okay thanks!
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mariagraphic's avatar
Hi, can I use this for a poster?

Sed-rah-Stock's avatar
as long as you credit me you are allowed to use it :-)
ImageniusAd's avatar
Hi Sed, nice pattern, thanks for shared, what r the really dimensions in pixels of pattern? Thx
Sed-rah-Stock's avatar
sry I don't know...

Why do you need those informations?
ImageniusAd's avatar
cause I wanna use this pattern as a web background, but thx aniway :) nice job
LahPedz's avatar
tnx . ill try to put some graffiti txt on it =)
doctorvik's avatar
nice background - using for my iphone - thanks
ShaKooB's avatar
djwagLmuffin's avatar
Interesting, have to see if this is what i was looking for....when it downloads in 8 hours.


I hate slow internets...
Sed-rah-Stock's avatar
sry... but it is a very high resolution resource
you will have a high quality pattern :-)
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