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Published: January 15, 2013
I received this in a email  & had to share.

Mt. Vernon Texas Newspaper Headline


Diamond D's brothel began construction on an expansion of their building to increase their ever-growing business. In response, the local Baptist Church started a campaign to block the business fromexpanding -- with morning, afternoon, and evening prayer sessions at their church. Work on Diamond D's progressed right up until the week before the grand reopening when lightning struck the whorehouse and burned it to the ground!

After the cat-house was burned to the ground by the lightning strike, the church folks were rather smug in their outlook, bragging about "the power of prayer." But late last week 'Big Jugs' Jill Diamond, the owner/madam, sued the church, the preacher and the entire congregation on the grounds that the church ... "was ultimately responsible for the demise of her building and her business -- either through direct or indirect divine actions or means."

In its reply to the court, the church vehemently and voraciously denied any and all responsibility or any connection to the building's demise. The crusty old judge read through the plaintiff's complaint and the defendant's reply, and at the opening hearing he commented, "I don't know how the hell I'm going to decide this damn case, but it appears from the paperwork that we now have a whorehouse owner who staunchly believes in the power of prayer, and an entire church congregation that thinks it's all bullshit!"  

:iconfacepalmplz::icondoublefacepalmplz::iconrikerfacepalmplz: Oh the irony.
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SilverStarAppleProfessional Digital Artist
Ah, religion. Claim they're the reason everything good has ever happened, and backtrack frantically and claim it's not their fault when something bad happens. 
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whyhavedeactivedpageHobbyist General Artist
True story or not, that is just a funny story to tell. XD
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It's official: The human race is circling the fucking drain. DX
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Childe-Of-FyreHobbyist Digital Artist
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MartinSilvertantProfessional General Artist
Whether this is a genuine news article or just a funny story, it doesn't take away from the genius in this text. I don't think I ever stumbled upon a better and more amusing example of irony.
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Seri-goyleHobbyist General Artist
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MadPrinceFeanorProfessional Writer
Made. My. Day. :D

"Praise Jaysus fer teachin' them whores!"
"So you're saying your an accessory to arson? Then we want some compensation right now."
", that ain', hell!"

I'm amused to see how they squirm with this one. Personally, I think "Big Jugs" is brilliant for what she's doing, whether she's aware of it or not. :meow:
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ulyferalHobbyist Writer
Hilarious! And the church is to close to the issue to realize just how stupid they sound but the judge summed it up perfectly! Either they do believe in God and must pay up the brothel owner or they don't believe in God and their whole church is now based on a pack of lies. Sounds like a case of ... damned if you do and damned if you don' me. LOL
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Rivermask13Student Writer
Pfffffteeheheheheh... you've got to be kidding me.
Oh man, if that legitimately happened, I officially resubscribe to the human race.
I approve of this irony.
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anastasia-blackHobbyist General Artist
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Kezzi-RoseHobbyist General Artist
That is brilliant :giggle: Thanks for sharing!
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TeapotTritiumHobbyist Digital Artist
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ZiroboHobbyist Writer
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