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Trump Lied, People Died!
Evangelist Christian Pastor Perry Stone blamed gays and pro-abortionists for Coronavirus.…
thanks for the requests for my cat to join up in here. owo
I just want to share this article with you all:…

It’s about the DMCA review hearing and risk of possible upload filters.
Vaccinate before it's too late!

Any group on this site has the right to include or exclude any work that it so chooses however for a group that claims to support diversity under the idea of “expressing their individuality” as stated in the ‘About Us’ which also declares that “The group is mainly for atheists, agnostics, skeptics or other freethinkers” there appears to be a rather blatant strain of bias in it.

What I am referring to it that while a great many works have been quickly accepted and presented on this group’s page regarding support for Julian Assange including some this very day one such work openly expressing the opposite view has languished for a week and a half in limbo. This gives the tacit impression that it is being ignored because it does not comport with the views of whoever is currently in charge of reviewing such works for the simple reason that they are intolerant of any opposition to their personal ideology. For a group that wishes to portray itself as ‘open to and embracing of a wide spectrum of ideas and viewpoints’ even if its main focus is on promoting secularism, humanism and nonreligious ideologies this seems to be contrary to that stance.