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Was breaking.
I was desperately searching for your presence
But all I found was an empty space trapped in four walls
A music I thought I'd never hear played
Took its reign once more as everything falls

To pieces.
This silence is making me feel you more than less
I'd think I heard your footsteps in those nights I lost
I could feel the warmth from the summer air
I want to know if you miss me at the moment because

I do.
The window is too wide and the door is still open.
Would I be here waiting in this room if I knew?
I can't hear any other sound 'cause all I want is to listen
Even in your silence I could feel the beating I do

Not know.
Because I forgot.
How it felt.
To be with you.
Ahhh.. First love. First love.

How many years has it been.
I miss that classroom.

<-- Alien abducted at the age of13
© 2011 - 2021 secretxrandom
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ZO.o for barceL.?
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Sssshhhhh.. You're not supposed to say that here. :P
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hahahaha sorry xD :llama:
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And the llama.. You're not supposed to take it here either.. >D
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where mandaw beh? xD