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Valentine Chocolates by Ice-Pandora
Animated Pink Heart Divider by Gasara

Hello everyone! Kaomoji Emoji Set | Listen to Music by cute-materials
First of all, happy Valentine's Day to everyone! ♥

My eyes have been delighted to see such amazing artworks!
You all put so much time and effort on your gifts and done a great job on them! ♥

I still can't get over how beautiful your drawings are,
I'll probably be checking all those gorgeous gifts all day ♥

There are still some entries that are waiting for approval to be added into the gallery though,
you can check all the entries here! ^-^

★ ♡ Secret Valentine Gifts ♡ ★

Feel free to lurk around in the gallery!
There are so many drawings that deserve to be seen and love!
Please also feel free to leave them some feedback! ^-^ ♥

There are some members that didn't get their gifts though, and I'm truly sorry about that.
I'll make it up to those members who didn't get their gifts, I promise ♥

However, the members who didn't do their tasks will be banned from the next events.

Here is the list of the members who haven't completed their gifts:

I considered offering an extension,
but I came to the conclusion it wouldn't be fair at all to those who tried their best to meet the deadline in time.

I am very sorry if you had any sort of issue that came up.
You could have messaged me at least a couple days before the final deadline to explain your reasons, and maybe we could have arranged an exception,
and before entering this event I did ask to everyone be ready to accept the deadline and explained the consequences of not meeting it.

If you wish to work it out with your Valentine, feel free to message them and explain them your situation.
The gallery will still be open for submission, and you can submit your finished artwork in it when you complete it.

That's all for now~! Free Kaomoji One! by KawaiiPosts
I hope you guys enjoyed the event as much as I did,
and I hope you have a nice day! ♥

Thank you again to everyone who joined the event!
It was such a honour to have such wonderful members! ♥

gif by Emoxynha
More Journal Entries

♥ A B O U T ♥

Strawberry Dessert by feiyan
Pink lace divider - FREE TO USE by Rueile Bow Bullet : Pink by Syumi Pink lace divider - FREE TO USE by Rueile
♡ What is Secret Valentines event?

It is an event pretty similar to Secret Santa! But with more love~ ♥
Everyone who is invited to the group will make a wishlist for what they want for the Valentine's Day.
The wishlists will be sent to other members of the group, but noone will know who got their wishlist.
Only when it's the Valentine's Day, you will learn who your secret Valentine is with a surprise gift!

♡ Can everyone join this group?

Unfortunately, you have to be invited to join this event.
And it will focus on skill level as well. The admins will try their best to match you up with someone of your liking, but it is still up to your Secret Valentine to surprise you in the end! ♥
However, if you're invited to the group, you can note the group with suggestions of people who you think should join up!

♡ Contributors

If you are interested in being a contributor, read and fill in the form below and send it to the group with a note.

Free Bullet - Cookie Star - by ChibiMoguContributor Form Free Bullet - Cookie Star - by ChibiMogu


✦ The group will accept members until January 1st.

✦ The wishlists should be made until January 1st.

✦ You will be given your task until January 14th.

✦ You have to submit your artwork on February 14th. The timezone isn't an issue, however, you're not allowed to submit it days before or after February 14th unless there's an extraordinary situation.






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