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Temporary ID by SecretsOfProlixVoice Temporary ID :iconsecretsofprolixvoice:SecretsOfProlixVoice 0 1
Water's End
The begotten stand at water's end,
Eyes burn in haunted memory,
Decay washes over rotted flesh,
Weathered hands but left to bone,
Godspeed they sing,
In the days to behold,
As the future dies at water's end...
:iconsecretsofprolixvoice:SecretsOfProlixVoice 0 0
Eloquence in a saturnine smile,
As sunset bleeds into rebirthed moons,
Hands of lovers in frozen remorse,
Snow falls along her solemn silhouette,
Lips curve to caress the pilgrimage,
Through broken earth to mountain ledge,
Where fevered eyes may meet again,
With forsaken wings we take the sky,
Destined to meet in desperate escape,
In Phoenix rise over damned moon,
Horizon slain by hearts deceit,
Mourned lovers hold to baited dream,
As snow falls along her solemn silhouette,
For fevered eyes to meet again...
:iconsecretsofprolixvoice:SecretsOfProlixVoice 1 0
Juxtapose words,
The transparent charade,
Desperation depraved,
With hesitant commit,
Regrettably yours,
Torn from assay,
The blackest skies,
In nightmare deranged,
Asunder by past,
Verity torn bonds,
Corruption by vice,
An immanent dissolve,
Struggle to drive,
Stand not but astute,
My hand to be hers,
Once regrettably yours...
:iconsecretsofprolixvoice:SecretsOfProlixVoice 2 2
Give me your bullets,
Give me your words,
Hate me to keep this ego in check,
Take shots at me silent,
Take shots from the shadow,
Fear the man you've come to know,
I'm the monster you hate,
I'm the monster that waits,
I strike when you're most vulnerable,
Give me you bullets,
Give me your hate,
And I'll give you my vengeance...
:iconsecretsofprolixvoice:SecretsOfProlixVoice 3 1
Max Train Monologue
There is a major flaw in the concept of public mass transportation. There are so many people who use it, that there are slim chances every so often to encounter a single person who interests you. You look at that person and all you can think is “Holy GOD, a cute girl (or guy) is in the seat near me!” and then you realize, there is no good way to speak to them. You notice them, but have no idea if they notice you amongst the mass of people moving through the doors every so often when the vehicle stops. I hate this. As I stare across the blue line Max train to Portland City Center, I see a cute girl with bright eyes, dark hair, and big boots. She's gorgeous. Why don't I have the balls to say it? Probably because I'm sober. Or I  don't want to make a fool of myself in front of the entire train. But jesus, her eyes are alluring, and her face is set in a general sense of isolation from the rest of this behemoth speeding along side the freeway. Maybe she'll get off at the
:iconsecretsofprolixvoice:SecretsOfProlixVoice 2 0
We can never be more,
Finite in progression,
Revert to the raw,
The essence is pure,
Perfection in futility,
We want so much more,
Grind to the bone,
Step no further,
These lines in the sand,
The world is pure,
Perfection is futility...
:iconsecretsofprolixvoice:SecretsOfProlixVoice 2 0
Charon's Prey
This is a labor of untold proportion,
A story unfolds at her hands,
The pen is the sword,
The page is my skin,
And the fiction meets fate,
Her words a chariot of gold,
The night is waiting for us,
Stars scream the sermons,
Moon cries tears of sweet sorrow,
The pen is the sword,
The page is my skin,
As this fiction meets fate,
Charon's prey will fall...
:iconsecretsofprolixvoice:SecretsOfProlixVoice 3 1
Suffer Somnolence
My heart is sporadic,
Neglected solidarity,
Love lost to salacity,
Suffer somnolence,
Pray for salvation,
Pay for sin,
Praise your saved,
Suffer somnolence,
Forever on sleep,
Fall to these steps,
Bow in service,
Suffer somnolence,
Suffer solitude,
Suffer salacious,
Suffer servitude,
Suffer somnolence...
:iconsecretsofprolixvoice:SecretsOfProlixVoice 2 0
Forest Eternal
The dark has fallen on her,
Her eyes ensnare me so,
Through black she walks,
Through shade she leads,
A beacon in the night,
The hand to guide me,
In forest eternal,
She gives me breath and life...
:iconsecretsofprolixvoice:SecretsOfProlixVoice 1 0
Sing me a lullaby so tender and cold,
A song so meek it shouts a story so bold,
Veracious fiction,
With a twisted tame scandal,
A face young and wise,
A name ancient and naive,
A lullaby so tender and cold,
These nightmares so sweet,
I return to my world...
:iconsecretsofprolixvoice:SecretsOfProlixVoice 2 0
The sky is so blue
Iridescent love song,
She's falling,
Hands cannot grip,
She's fading,
Vapor trails chased,
My roads to the world,
She's falling through my fingers again...
:iconsecretsofprolixvoice:SecretsOfProlixVoice 1 1
Run and hide,
Fall to the ground again,
Show how weak you really are,
You addict, you fool,
Regression is all you have,
Sleep now, sleep forever more,
Hide from the truth,
Your disgusting guise,
You addict, you fool,
Regression will take your life,
Lose those who you love the most...
:iconsecretsofprolixvoice:SecretsOfProlixVoice 1 0
Vicarious Atonement
Vicarious atonement ,
For these crimes I have wrought,
Yet another follower led astray,
False prophets of narcissus,
The herd has followed blind,
Greed in the hearts of the vain,
Peons we are to these revered fools,
Fallen as we are at their feet,
To never know the love of restitution,
Meet our hands without,
As we sing at the altars with offerings,
The decadence galore,
As we beg at the end,
Forgive the crimes we have wrought...
:iconsecretsofprolixvoice:SecretsOfProlixVoice 0 0
These whispers are mine,
Her skin my escape,
We hide in the dark,
Hide from these lives,
The infidel vicegrip,
The heartbroken snare,
We flee from the pain,
Lie in these sheets,
This lust is our weakness,
The guilt our decay...
:iconsecretsofprolixvoice:SecretsOfProlixVoice 1 1
Vandalize the Prophet
Come young brothers,
Gather and learn,
The prophecy divine,
I am the prophet,
drawing on the walls,
Graffiti my gospel,
The story of the broken vandal,
The attempt to flee from hell,
Escape the flame,
Fall from grace,
Runes of glory and fame,
To rise again,
To stand as one,
To resurrect all hope...
:iconsecretsofprolixvoice:SecretsOfProlixVoice 1 0

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Tyler McDonnell
United States
Current Residence: Portland, Oregon
Print preference: BIG!
Favourite genre of music: Prog
Operating System: Windows
MP3 player of choice: iPhone
Wallpaper of choice: Coheed Wallpaper
Favourite cartoon character: Bone Beaver
Personal Quote: "Here's To The Atom Bomb"
So as you all may have noticed, I have finally reappeared after a year

This is because my focus is on other networks…

My tumblr will get all future releases and updates with the occasional stop in to say hey to everyone here

Soon both of my books will no longer be on sale, because they will be taken and saved for future release in a larger compilation, to be announced at a later date

Thanks to everyone who has followed and commented and shown love to all my work. I appreciate everything you folks have done.

Keep an eye on those sites, and spread the word on my writing.

Who knows, maybe I'll even return better than ever to dA
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