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Like Diamonds.
It's at times like these when all the color fades away,
leaving only grayscale to surround me.
It's funny how blind we can be.
We look but can't see the truth that lies before us.
Perhaps, in this multifaceted world,
truth is like a diamond.
Often we are distracted by the color,
and find it difficult to discern between the real
and the fake.
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Sketchy sketch by secretshidden-within Sketchy sketch :iconsecretshidden-within:secretshidden-within 0 0 Link Gets Navi by secretshidden-within Link Gets Navi :iconsecretshidden-within:secretshidden-within 0 0
Down into the icy waters I plunge,
As the riptide pulls me out farther into the sea.
I feel the slender fingers of the darkness that lie below
Slowly wrap around my neck and take hold.
I'm running out of air,
And my body feels as though its being bound.
A nice present for the demons, which lurk beneath the seabed.
But true demon lies above.
The world and those in it strive for the best.
But in the end only strangle everything and everyone around them.
. . . . . . . The sea is peaceful.
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Prussia WIP by secretshidden-within Prussia WIP :iconsecretshidden-within:secretshidden-within 0 4 Happy Birthday by secretshidden-within Happy Birthday :iconsecretshidden-within:secretshidden-within 0 7
I thought I had it all strait
I thought I had it under control
But you swept me off my feet
And now I'm tumbling
Down onto the hard marble floor
I can't stop thinking about it
This is going all wrong
My heart and my head are pulling
In opposite directions
I wish I could just let it all go
I've got to get away
I've got to clear my mind
But every time I try
My thoughts drift back to you
You've got to let me know
Please say you agree
I need to know you're just as
Fucked up as me
I am sinking into the unknown
And I need a hand to hold
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Vul-? by secretshidden-within Vul-? :iconsecretshidden-within:secretshidden-within 2 6 For adam - Reve by secretshidden-within For adam - Reve :iconsecretshidden-within:secretshidden-within 0 4 We have secrets too by secretshidden-within We have secrets too :iconsecretshidden-within:secretshidden-within 0 2
I wish the wind would sweep me away
I'd giggle as the drops of light swirl around me
and get caught in my hair
I'd glide across the ocean
Gently brushing my hand through the sea foam
I'd swirl through the mountains
Breathing in the clean crisp air
I'd float up and up
till I could lay on a cloud for a nap
I wish I was the wind
To be totally free
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I walk down the icy path
My breath is showing, and
The street lamp flickers
Neon lights flash ahead.
Moving forward, I see
They're not lights at all,
but eyes.
Watching in their menacing glow of reds, yellows and greens
Running away, fast as I can
I feel their piercing stares bore holes into my back
Stumble, then fall
panting for the air which escapes me
I crawled to a nearby tree,
thankful for the chance to rest.
The limbs reminded me of claws
and to my horror, they were.
They reached down, trying to snatch
and bring me in
Mist swiftly creeps over
Covering me in a shroud of white
These people are making me blind
showing me false hope and happiness
A ray of light breaks the void
Finally clearing my mind
Don't let peer pressure rule you
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Muffins xD by secretshidden-within Muffins xD :iconsecretshidden-within:secretshidden-within 0 4 Maggi by secretshidden-within Maggi :iconsecretshidden-within:secretshidden-within 2 6 A is for Alice by secretshidden-within A is for Alice :iconsecretshidden-within:secretshidden-within 3 3
Serenade of the Dolls
Tink tink tink, the little glasses clink
waltz, step step, waltz, step step
shuffle the tiny doll's feet
sip on your tea, eat your cakes
play with us, in our broken serenade
take your eyes, fill the sockets
with glass
dreamy and creepy, how pretty you look
paint your skin, make it pure
porcelain pinch, simply divine
speak now, breathy and light
your voice is mine
dance with him
the face of death
through his eyes, you see yourself
lights go out
crumble and fall
you find in yourself,
a new found flaw
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Baby's lullaby
all of the children went to their beds,
a soft starry light guarding their heads;
hush now baby, don't you weep,
silence is just music put to sleep.
:iconineedchemicalx:iNeedChemicalX 167 61
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United States
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So, I reeeeeeeally want to cosplay while I'm in Japan. One of the days we're going to both Harajuku and Akihabara, and that's when I want to do it, but I just can't decide who to do. I have my Hanyuu wig still, so I could do her, but I have no costume right now since I outgrew my miko one.

Does anyone have any suggestions ? I am currently watching Idolmster, and in love with Miki, but I'm open. So long as it's simple and/or cheap to make.
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Do they not have the show Friends where you're at ? xD
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Yes, they do, though somebody needs to tell them it ended years ago already. >>
They're playing it on nickelodeon now . . . . . . . .
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