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                                                                    Chapter 2: “Tied Fates”
The high school teacher glumly writes down difficult algebraic equations on the white board while the students either barely listened and took notes while the others just barely paid attention with the lesson. The teacher stopped mid-lesson to turn to see if her students were paying attention and to not surprisingly her at all, some students were barely giving a damn about t
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Invader Zim FanStory: The Blue Tribe Chapter 1
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The cold emptiness of space streaked for countless miles across the darkened skies, the only comfort being the many wonders of the different galaxies undiscovered by eye intrigued her the most. Her ship sailed in the darkness, the only source of light coming from inside it made no difference in the slightest. To her, darkness and light were only mere elements that the world possessed and even her secret fear of the dark doesn’t control her.
She refuses to let any emotion control her. She swore that on her life.
“Liana?” a gentle male voice breaks through her silent vigil of the count
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Invader Zim Fan Story: The Blue Tribe Prologue
Invader Zim Fan Story: The Blue Tribe by SecretProdigyHeart
                             Prologue: Planet Irk; Factory Section; 11:00 pm
The chemical fumes of the sugared snacks being produced inside the factory’s walls burned the eyes of the Irken guards as they begrudgingly minded their posts inside as ordered by the Tallest.
It was bad enough of having to be inside of the factory but the Tallest had to make it worse by doubling their shifts by having the guards make the snacks as well. Heck, most of them didn’t even know how to make them and within the hour they had already created over a dozen new kind of snack food, including something that was still alive and now covered in nacho cheese…
“Well, this is just great isn’t it?” yawned a green-eyed guard as he barely managed to hold up his t
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MSL Fanfiction Order vs Chaos Chapter 2
...Latecia; Airship Port…
Bouncing eagerly on the balls of her feet was a young humanoid female Astromon with long pink hair, wearing a blue and white, low-cut dress. The young Astromon had just been assigned as a new master to guide by Stella herself and she could not wait to meet them.
“Seira, remind me again why you’re doing this?” asked a small voice next to her. Laying down on the floor with a tired expression on his face was a young cat-like Astromon wearing a red hat. Seira responds with a small chuckle and a wide grin. “Because, Nezz, I’ve been waiting my whole life for this and now I have finally received my calling from the goddess; I’m going to be a guide.”
“I don’t understand why you’d wanna be a guide? It’s so boring and tiring and this kid is probably going to be really dumb and not understand a word you’re staying most of the time.” The cat-like creature let out a yaw
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Journal History

Hey, guys, I was feeling nostalgic today and I was thinking back to this show that I remember watching as a child but don't recall the name of it. I have limited memories of the shows I watched as a child and seemingly remember them, but this show in particular stuck out, but I don't remember the name or what program it was on.

The memories I have of it was definitely on the lines of probably being an English dub, like Kirby Right Back At Ya and Yu-Gi-Oh from how it looked, visually and the added dialogue that the characters had. I'm not sure if it was Jetix, Cartoon Network or even 4Kids. 

I don't think that there was any humans in this show, all I remember seeing these robotic soldiers that had very pointed features and larger weapons. They were very small from what I can remember, maybe 3 or 4 feet tall at least and their "armor" was white, red and I think blue. The bad guys were like this dusty green and black kind of color.

A scene that I remember was that two of the good guys, one was red and the other was white I think, the red guy rode a horse, they were fighting bad guys on a train and on the train they were going in and out of tunnels. The last thing I remember before the memory cuts out is the red and white guy fighting was their swords were clashed together and they laughed triumphantly and then they realize that it was them they go "Oh" and pull away their swords.

That is what I can remember. I know this isn't probably the best information but it's all I can remember. The timeline of when it was is, I don't have an exact number but I think it was a little before the Kirby series. So I'm gonna say it was in the 2000's era, early 2000's since I know I was still in grade school when I watched it.

If anyone can find out what this show is and tell me I would really grateful because it has been bugging for years and I really want to find it and watch it again. I really wished I paid attention to the channel because that might've been more helpful for my memory. I'm thinking it was either Cartoon Network, Jetix or 4KIDS, again, I'm pretty sure it was a dub but I could be wrong.

So, that's pretty much it. I really hope someone can remember this show and tell me the name of it. Thank you guys.


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I'm a young artist and writer who loves to RP. I've been drawing online for about six-seven years and I've been writing for the same amount and I an currently working on becoming a novelist. I'm in the midst of writing my first original story.

Also, I am the founder of two groups; Toon Studio, an original concept me and my good friends came up where we guard and protect Toons and MSL-Fan-Group, a group dedicated to my favorite app game, Monster Super League.

Main Fandoms: Invader Zim, Fairy Tail, Undertale, Transformers, Overwatch and Cuphead.

Favorite Fandoms: Bleach, Trolls, Fire Emblem, Steven Universe, Marvel and DC.

Interests: Role-Playing, Drawing, Writing, Singing, Dungeons and Dragons, Discord, Musical Theater, Music and Baking.


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