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The Official Characters


(In order of appearance in story with bio's)

Cure Summer :iconsummerdaze13:
Natsumi Ûmeda is your average 14-year old high school student at Kokoro Academy. When she first arrived, she was going to join the Pet Club, but because Mitsuko need someone to join her Singing Club she joined that instead. She loves singing and animals, and she gets full marks nearly always. She has long, strawberry blonde hair that goes down to nearly her waist. She has green eyes and a loving soul. She starts off shy, but she soon becomes outgoing and confident. Her parents run a Pet store, which is opposite Mitsuko's house. There's only one thing about Natsumi that is different to most students at Kokoro Academy, she is a Legendary Precure Warrior, Cure Summer. Her fairy is a small, brown, bunny-like creature called Harmony.

Cure Light :iconflabaduba23:
Mitsuko Daisko is a kind and caring student who looks out for everyone, no matter what. She is very forgiving and, like Natsumi, gets perfect grades. Her parents runs the Melodical Tunes Music Store which is opposite Natsumi's house.

Cure Shadow :icondarkvalkyriaj:
AJ is one of those tomboyish, rebel students who is always getting into trouble. She is a year younger than all of the other precure but is in the same year level as them. AJ doesn't really fancy things that are bright and colourful. At Kokoro Academy, she is in the Card Collecting club where she plays her favourite game and her hobbie, Yu-Gi-Oh.

Cure Spring :iconsatsuketemari:
Temari Satsuke is a very hyperactive girl who loves to dance and sing.

Cure Sunset :iconprettycure97:
Teresa Recan is 14 years old. Normal always, until she discovers her destiny to become a Pretty Cure. Cure Sunset is her name! She is a happy-go-lucky person with a loud and active personality. She is a transfer student and quickly becomes the team captain for the badminton team; her favourite sport, after trying out and proving to be the best player they've ever had. She isn't too good in school, but her best subject is animal science. She has 2 younger siblings, a brother and sister, Bradly and Angelica. Both are similar to Teresa and greatly respect her, unlike how younger siblings should act. Teresa and her siblings are the only humans (apart from the Queens) to live on Aniheart Island, and she was sent to Kokoro Academy to keep an eye on the Pretty Cure's protecting her land, not knowing that she was also to become a Pretty Cure. She adores chocolate, and cute things, especially animals. She has two dogs, both a Japanese Spitz. She makes an appearence on her first day of school and makes many friends quite quickly, but she doesn't have a best friend, until she meets Natsumi, Mitsuko, AJ, Temari and Satsu.

Cure Rosebud :icondarlychan:
Mia Takaushi is a transfer student new to Kokoro Acadamy. She enjoys to sing and was part of a choir at her old school so joining a choir at her new school only seamed natural. Mia has a dark secret that involves an old ruby that her mother gave her as a good luck charm. She never lets that ruby out of her sight. Mia's favorite flower is a rose.

Regina de Tempestas :icongamerxz:
Regina de Animalitas :iconzayandomoto:

Villians: Part 1: Jiorn and Mystique
Part 2: Jiorn, Mystique, Thorn, Cure Fall and Cure Frost

Gallery Folders

Secret Pretty Cure Heart Club by darlychan
Cure Summer - Natsumi Umeda
Cure Summer by darlychan
Cure Summer Art Trading Card by darlychan
Card Suit Princess by summerdaze13
Pearl Baton by summerdaze13
Cure Light - Mitsuko Daisko
Cure Light by darlychan
Cure Light Art Trading Card by darlychan
Cure Light-o! by flabaduba23
Cure light by Rainbow-tan
Cure Shadow - AJ
Secret Pretty Cure HeartClub: Cure Shadow by DarkValkyriaJ
Cure Shadow Art Trading Card by darlychan
Cure Shadow by darlychan
Cure Shadow by summerdaze13
Cure Spring - Temari Satsuke
Cure Spring Art Trading Card by darlychan
Cure Spring by darlychan
Cure Spring by flabaduba23
Cure Spring by summerdaze13
Cure Sunset - Teresa Recan
Cure Sunset Art Trading Card by darlychan
Cure Sunset by darlychan
Teresa Recan Character Image Song by summerdaze13
Cure Sunset by summerdaze13
Cure Rosebud - Mia Takaushi
Red Rosebud by darlychan
Cure Rosebud by darlychan
Prize: Rosebud Sabre by gggdw
Mia's PJs by darlychan
School and Casual Wear
Beach Buddies by summerdaze13
SPCHC Girls by summerdaze13
SPCHC Girls Civillian Form by summerdaze13
Singing Club by summerdaze13
Harmony by summerdaze13
Harmony ...rozu by summerdaze13
Poison Rose Line Art by darlychan
Poison Rose Art Trading Card by darlychan
Poison Rose by darlychan
Cure Frost by summerdaze13
Secret Pretty Cure HeartClub
SPCHC Group Pose by summerdaze13
Contest Entries
Hirigasa miyuki Transformation forms by Rainbow-tan
Original Precure Series'
My Beautyful Snow - Cure Beauty by Illien-chan
Other Fanmade Cures
New PCNLA by prettycure97


cure sunny by sakuyaa-chaan cure sunny :iconsakuyaa-chaan:sakuyaa-chaan 163 20 cure march by sakuyaa-chaan cure march :iconsakuyaa-chaan:sakuyaa-chaan 171 28 it's raining seeds! hallelujah! by Shutter-Shooter it's raining seeds! hallelujah! :iconshutter-shooter:Shutter-Shooter 2,619 204 Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart by a22d Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart :icona22d:a22d 28 9 Cure Mix by Hacuubii Cure Mix :iconhacuubii:Hacuubii 221 15 Heartcatch Pretty Cure1 by toranza Heartcatch Pretty Cure1 :icontoranza:toranza 3 0 Christmas Passion by CandySkitty Christmas Passion :iconcandyskitty:CandySkitty 15 13 precure by Sakurahoujyouin precure :iconsakurahoujyouin:Sakurahoujyouin 242 16 Cobraja on the chair by moa810 Cobraja on the chair :iconmoa810:moa810 136 8 Heartcatch Precure by Pimmy Heartcatch Precure :iconpimmy:Pimmy 168 36
Hey everyone! Thank you all so so much for entering the contest! You all did such an amazing job and it made it very hard for SatsukeTemari, flabaduba23 and I to decided. But we did, after a lot of discussion and we changed our minds a couple of times. But the winner is...

:icondarlychan:! With her entries, Cure Rosebud, Poison Rose and Mia Takaushi.
Cure Rosebud by darlychan Poison Rose by darlychan Mia Takaushi by darlychan


Also, flabaduba23 and I decided to give a special mention to another entry which we both fell in love with also. :iconrainbow-tan:'s entries, Cure Strawberry, Playful Blood and Hirigasa Miyuki.
Hirigasa miyuki Transformation forms by Rainbow-tan Hirigasa miyuki Civilian forms by Rainbow-tan We loved your outfits also, especially for the formal dress :D

Thank you all for entering again, and sorry for those of you who missed out. I am truly sorry and hate to be the bearer of bad news.

~Summer xo
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