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I hate Undertale, This was a mistake. 

Take Sans I don't wanna bone a Skeleton. 
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I guess it’s just aesthetic... but he really does look good in them!

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the drawing is nice but.. since when did sans wear gloves at all?

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Kawaii! :3 (I'm not a snas fangrill)
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some dumb fangirl stole this art  and didn't give credid 
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wtf does noeee mean
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you're supposed to know that son it means no in anime

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=]                                                                                                                                      ok
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I'm in mcfucking love with this
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May I use this in a book on Wattpad if I link you?
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Thanks! I linked your submit in the book.
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Im in Snowdin...
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wow my bf is sooo hoot
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Hello, I wanted to know if you could help me make a character * Created by me * since it is to make a story and my drawings are a little bad I know that that can be worth money and I guess it is normal to say no but if you can help please ?, These are the characteristics of the person.


The character is Sans, as he calls it: Shadow Sans (The name is in process hehe xD) these are: Black jacket, without feathers and with hood that covers the head, black sandals,and has two unique blaster gasters in their hands (Like iron man: V XD).

You have 2 souls, one created by me and another that I like mcuho, Patience, soul created by me and soul determination that I like a lot, this person is intelligent and vague, has 1 knife but when he reaches his limit he pulls out another, uses shadows so that nobody sees it, (these are powers created by me, they still do not have a name) Well this is teleportation, has 2 types of blaster gasters, has normal but shading gasters blasters and so camouflage if you use shadow storm, and has a gaster blaster unica that serves as a distraction and does not hurt because what it does is to reap the enemy and thus give time to sans, he has one in each palm of his hand as iron man:V,
shadow storm, and there is more but this process is xD this attack raises the defense and agility of shadow sans, sans covers his body and his shadow shoes and so up defense and ability, (this blow looks pretty good) shadow sans jumps and goes down gives a blow to his enemy activates his second eye (determination) and with that activates his second knife and also activates a skill, shadow sans covers his knives with shadows and that causes them to do 2 times more damage, and changes the knives and makes an auction.

Life, defense and damage:

Life: Shadow sans to be a melee character and magic also trains his body but very little to be a vague life is: maximum 20, minimum 5. Sans when he activates his second eye and his ability called: shadow storm , this ability makes sans can see through the shadows what gives him a plus of power and gives him 20 of life for only 5 minutes, after sans I fell fainted by the enormous power.

defense: this is a little like life only that is only once you get a plus by using storm of shadows and the second eye (determination). His defense is normally 5, but he goes up to 10 when using his shadow storm and then using his second eye he increases to 20.

damage: Normally the damage of Shadow sans is: 5 and its maximum 15 when using storm of shadows increases 5% and when using its second eye it increases another 5% but it has the ability to raise to 30 when using 2 knives and covering them with shadows and use shadow storm but it only takes 10 seconds although it is not much use for an attack.

This character is in the process, I hope they can help me create it. Thanks :D *Sorry for me english im using google translate*
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irene: i thing classics cooler
skulls: well edg's a  badass oh look its shadow we'll ask her. shadow edg or classsic sans
shadow: ummmmmm jeff
skulls: what..?
shadow: jeff
shadow: what you thought id chose hah you dumb plus jeff's cool *walks away*
irene: welp lets just go find lilith she'll dissisid
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shadow: im not cr-
irene: be nice!!!! plus yes you are
shadow: ugh fine i am
irene: i mean you said jeff insed of chosing edg or classic
shadow: hay jeff's cool and plus i cant chose
irene: you will have to chose one day
shadow: well not today
irene: whats that thing midnight does when you anoy her oh right*throws box of garlic at shadow*
shadow: worth it
skulls: i think both of you are lame
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