My Excuse
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It's the truth. And I hate it when it happens.

Stamp border thanks to :iconzilla774:...[link]
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stardusty28|Hobbyist General Artist
hahaha... so true! xD ty
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Forcedlactationlover's avatar
It always (!!) looks better in my head! 
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Kajm's avatar
Kajm|Hobbyist Writer
Isn't that the truth! Even writing works like that!
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Tortive's avatar
Tortive|Hobbyist General Artist
Everything I draw!
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typintypos's avatar
This is soo me XD
Thanks so much for making a stamp of this!
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Galefeather's avatar
Galefeather|Student General Artist
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ZootopiaNicktheFox's avatar
ZootopiaNicktheFox|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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TheLOLMaster108's avatar
TheLOLMaster108|Student General Artist
I can definitely relate
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Applemaple235's avatar
So true!
I'm gonna using this!
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zackosletacos's avatar
zackosletacos|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Omg yes... -.-'
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LegendaryCanada's avatar
LegendaryCanada|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Definitely gonna use this
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sweetannabee's avatar
sweetannabee|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Every time.
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mrm64's avatar
mrm64|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Story of my liiiife lol
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WonderHooves's avatar
WonderHooves|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This ALWAYS happen...... ALWAYS!!!!!:( (Sad) 
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EeveeDash9's avatar
EeveeDash9|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hate when that happens... ;-;

Which is everyday. liek if u cri evrytiem
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Ravgue's avatar
Ravgue|Hobbyist General Artist
agree with the stamp wholeheartly
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EeveeGamerGirl's avatar
EeveeGamerGirl|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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JamsAndJAMS's avatar
JamsAndJAMS|Student Digital Artist
Yepper, me alright...
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JamiesonJackson's avatar
Yep. That's me.
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CuriousCat-13's avatar
CuriousCat-13|Hobbyist General Artist
Completely relateable ^^;
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amazingmle11's avatar
amazingmle11|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So true...
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RainbowYoshi305's avatar
RainbowYoshi305|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This pretty much relates!:iconwhywouldffffplz:
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AmethystForge's avatar
terrific stamp :D
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ArcticIceWolf|Hobbyist General Artist
So true! Self-criticism is my best friend....
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