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Happy Halloween to all my Friends and Watchers


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Destruction - Book cover

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The wonders of down under


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Entry into spring

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Study cardinal cherry

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Best January 2019

Hello my dear friends) Here I have collected your amazing artworks for January))


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Passionate Rumba

Roses photography

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Take Me Home?

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Don't get lost in the woods...

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Watchers and folks feature ~ 17

Hello, everyone! Nice to see you ~ :love: Wallpaper Stocks

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STOCK chandelier swing

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Tenerife Stock 082

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Hair Stock PSD 1

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Painted Birds Pack

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Dripping  Liquid Brushes


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Anime Surprise (Roblox)

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Dream stamp


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Art Summary of the Year 2017

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Autumn Light


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Fantastic feature friday #11

Happy Friday :D Here's the best of this weeks submissions! :thumb737828522: :thumb737296863: :thumb738141704: :thumb725367528: :thumb738178489: :thumb737707458: :thumb733422359: :thumb738456827: :thumb738707845: :thumb738679465: :thumb738662470: :thumb738361847: :thumb738781243: :thumb738958688: :thumb738807929: :thumb738694464: :thumb733083456: :thumb738773445: :thumb739009739: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Smithsonian Selfie


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Thank you for the bday wishes!

:wave: Hi to all! :wave: I wanted to thank all of you for the bday wishes! I received so many from around the world and I was really overwhelmed! :blush: This bday was a special one... one I will never forget. Thanks to all of you, you made me feel special and loved! 😍 you guys made me feel so happy and had the best day ever during lockdown... you are the best! 😁 my husband surprised me with a yummy meal (see pic) 😋😋😋 (it were ribs and chicken wings). I don't share pictures of myself very often, but for this special occasion, I made an exception hahahaha! Thanks to all of you:


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Happy Halloween to all my Friends and Watchers

Treasures from Friends

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My life, a tug-of-war of how people needed my life to be lived, and how I needed my life to be lived. Years passed and I suffocated with a noose around my heart. Years passed with my heart’s murmuring its solemn yearnings and   I claimed ignorance. Years passed and I died small deaths, with hope   swimming between my lashes. Years passed encumbered with anxiety, with anger, with despair and I defaulted to the fetal position of predictability and stability. But now, now, the persistent tug of abandon beckons and the   the noose comes undone. Now, I have learned to listen to the only thing wor


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Grass tutorial


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30  Split-Tone Effects for Your Color Photos

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You always said I was   a little too pink around the edges, too raw for comfort, too blurry to be seen, paper thin to the touch. And inside those makeshift walls we built, I painted them deep auburn clashing against your staid cerulean, with you, too stubborn to change   and me, too naïve to fight the burning of your bridges. Our flashpoint   drew blood, not mine, but yours. Because   you were right, about us, trying too hard at being blind. So I buried our razing, stepping past our ashes, to caress the dying sparks of our beginning, one last time. So to   finally inhale the cold fresh of a new dawn


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Space And Sugar

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