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Noah's Ark

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Save the animals
OMG I forgot about animals!!!! THank you!
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whoa . . . similar to a model i once built outta cereal boxes and spare battleship pieces -- okay, pieces of battleships i blew up. :highfive:
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Looks alot like the EVE Online Corax, awesome work!
I didnt know what Eve Online Corax, but It's awesome when i looked at it. and THank you for comments
I'm a friend of the idea of flying ships, not spaceships no flying ships where you have the opportunity to feel even more freedom than on the sea but still be bound to good old earth. :)
Thank you for your idea. i will definately try it.
from what anime is this?
None, But I'm imspired by multiple anime.
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I love the creativity behind this.
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Great everything: design, atmospheric perspective, use of foreground/repetition for scale, but the ship design is by far my favorite. Nice work!
Thank you, i think i put 8-90% of time into ship. lol
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lol great job, Noah's Ark 2.0
I should've put 2.0 lol thank you for your idea.
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Nice concept piece. Love the muted tones...
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This is really great. :)
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