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Night Light

Inspired by Maou's 'memory lamp' from the new anime series "Maoyuu Maou Yuusha".

For those who missed it: Luna's pet (glowing) star (on her bed) is my personal 'canon'

Tools: Wacom bamboo + Sai
Time: 16h
MLP (c) Hasbro
Art (c) me

Commission info: [link]


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Wow, this takes me back, I remember watching the livestream for this one :-)

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Wow!!! This looks truly wonderful and lovely!!! And really cute, too!!! :heart: :love: :heart:
Is it just me of does the angle on their faces make them look more human (not that it's bad or anything it's adorable :3) and lunas face looks like ponyos XD X3
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The sisters are so adorable here!
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Ursa Minor plushie in the bed? Awesome!
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AWWWWWW! They are so cute. Amazingly drawn. Well done.
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thank you very much ^^
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Quite cute and artful, but... wait, where are the ponies? These creatures do not look like them.
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oh noez, someone drew a pony in a style that's not copied from the show :nuu:
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I'm watching you for quite a long time, as you have impressive skills, especially if we talk about those awesome long-feathered wings. I 'cannot into' drawing by myself, so I will never criticize your techniques.

Nevertheless, I can't identify those creatures as any kind of tiny horses, mostly due to head and snout shapes and proportions. That's just my impression. You can take it as a feedback and make things different, or you can tell yourself that it's a 'single stupid uneducated opinion that does not make any sense' and keep drawing in such a way, staying complacent with only positive feedback.

The choice is up to you.

P.S. Tell me something about 'show-like' style for any of those from my favourites, please...
Then tell me that none of those are equine.
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I've drawn these ponies the exact same way as all of my other ponies, if anything I made the snouts more muzzle-like then I usually do :icondashshrugplz:

If I were trying something new, I would be perfectly willing to accept negative comments about it. (about the lines, the lighting, anything...) But regarding anatomy I've done the exact same thing as I always do, so I don't see how these 2 don't qualify as equine and all my other works do.
I've always used the same head shape, the same body to head ratio, the same ears, just the muzzle is slightly different on these. And the thickness of my lines, but the latter shouldn't really make any difference.

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Daaaaaaaaaaaw i love it X3
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Awwwww, This is PERASOUS, I Love the Look on Wuna's face
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This is.... magic!
I love the ursa minor plushie ^^
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Fantastic work. :love:
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