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A chance to be awesome - Applebloom

Inspired by ep 4x24 The equestria games.

Tools: Wacom bamboo + SAI
Flag background: drawn with SAI from scratch
MLP & Applebloom (c) Hasbro
Art (c) me


 available @  Redbubble

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A chance to be awesome - Scootaloo by secret-ponyA chance to be awesome - Sweetie Belle by secret-pony
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© 2014 - 2021 secret-pony
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Amazing!!! Really like those lights and shadings on her mane!!! :D :D :D
secret-pony's avatar
Thank you very much ^^
Orcryst's avatar
i love this! she looks so feisty! ^_^
KingArthur5's avatar
Secret's back! Huzzah!
secret-pony's avatar
Yay! Part-ay! woohoow! :iconparty0plz:
DarthWill3's avatar
Isn't she sweet?
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cajobif's avatar
BEautiful work
RubahaParen's avatar
Honestly, this episode was lame. I wanted more olympics, not Spike =(
Vintergnista's avatar
<3<3<3 lovely as always! been missing you :D
secret-pony's avatar
Thank you sweetie ^^
SwanLullaby's avatar
It came out nice... can't wait to see the others :)
Don't forget posting that tutorial 
secret-pony's avatar
Thanks Swan. Don't worry, Pack Rat will deliver!
Tarascus101's avatar
Aww so adorable Applebloom art. I love it.
Kyoshyu's avatar
ShadowZanon's avatar
Huzzah. Pity i fell asleep while you were doing this. you did justice to Applebloom!
secret-pony's avatar
ShadowZanon's avatar
I cannot wait for scoots n sweetiebots!
MegaPatron's avatar
very cute work ^_^
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