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Captain Jack Harkness

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This is Captain Jack Harkness from Doctor Who and Torchwood. He is sexy. He also looks good in suspenders.

Sadly, he doesn't belong to me, and neither do Doctor Who or Torchwood.
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( -_- )

__/ \__


Jack Harkness and the Tenth Doctor are both hot af.

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O-zone did it first.
Y'know that band Dan Balan led in the early 2000's?
he can make  a trench coat look sexy so....yeah i mean the doctor has him beat (the 10th) with the coat but he kills the suspender's 
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Yes, yes he does lol (: then again he makes anything look sexy
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He DEFINES sexy 
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Hehe. He can make anything look sexy...
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he makes everything sexy x3


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Actually, Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law do. X3
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Suspenders are already sexy!
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He makes EVERYTHING look sexy.
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Yes...yes he does...
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Jack can make anything look sexy XD
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Capt. Jack makes anything look good. >:3
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He really does XD
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Mm, I have to disagree. Suspenders make suspenders look sexy.
Suspenders on any guy is sexy. The sexiness might just be amplified by Mr. Cap'n Jack.
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Wow, he's just so amazing looking. :love:
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BARROWMAN!!! *Shakes fist*
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He is so frickin gorgeous...I'm totally obsessed with him.
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Amen to that! But, he could probably make a poncho look hott, so.
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the Eleventh Doctor does TOO!!!
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