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i no longer update my deviantart. if you like my work please follow me at my tumblr: [link]

there's something almost chilling about this image. driving through the country to get up north i saw this hill and was enchanted and so stopped, got out and took dozens of photos of the hill as the light kept changing, the clouds moving at phenomenal speeds. i ended up snapping this one on a whim, just before i left. it was the greatest one.

a bit of photoshopping, but just levels and things. i like this because it's so natural. the hills were this green, the sky that bright, my life that blessed.

beauty like this makes me think that maybe there is a reason to live our lives. maybe there is hope.


edit: wow, thankyou everyone for all of the favourites! it is much appreciateed!!



[this artwork is owned by yours truly. if you have a deep inner urge to use this image, ask, elsewise expect my vengeful wrath. or something of that nature...]

sir, could i have some... more?
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Oct 11, 2009, 1:50:10 PM
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I used it for my SS gift :'D I hope, you're not angry...
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that.... that right there... is a freakin mirical.
Hello. I was wondering if I can use this for a background I want to manipulate. I will give you credit for the picture =).
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sure thing, as long as credit is given :)
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Was this one tree hill.
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Hello! :iconcocowaveplz:

I've featured your photo here.
Don't forget to :+favlove: the article if you like it.

Have a nice day! :hug:
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thanks very much :)
i'm not really active on dA anymore, but ill shoot you a fav for prettiness :)

take care.x
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Oh, that's a shame :(

Anyway, I'm glad you like it :)
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Very natural, harmonious. It kinda says "come to peace, and then everything will be alright again"...
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thanks :D

yeah, thats the sort of message i want to send through it :D

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Nice! Love the way the entire greenery covers the hill - and more importantly, the way you have captured it!
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yeahh.. thanks :)

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This is a beautiful shot, I really love it! :clap:
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that's amazing O__O if you want to make it better I would add and an effect, like maybe make it darker or lighter, it will add more of a surreal air to it? other than that it's amazing O__O
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yeah, i was considering doing some more effects work, but it's already subtly tweaked a whole lot so i guess i didn't want to go to far with it as i lurrve natural look images.
but you're right, effected images when done right also look awesome! i guess i was just not sure if i could do it well :P

thanks though :D

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you could always save 2 copies unless you don't want to submit 2 XD bu that's what i so cus I'm always scared I'm going to mess something up XD
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yeah, i try to keep my gallery fairly clear atm... idk about the future.
ill work on it though :)

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