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Neylena Oakwing

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This is an RP character I made about literally an hour ago.

She's a lower-caste night elf basketweaver from the time period of the Wart of the Ancients.

She probably like, dies or something. I dunno.

It took me like... ten minutes to do this. Don't judge. :shifty:
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You said she was 200 right? Because that is adulthood for Nelves, and she looks a little young.

Other then that? I'm liking the character and loving the drawing!
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Yeah, I drew this without proportion guidelines as an experiment, so I ended up making her a little... uh, short. She's supposed to have childish features though, to go with her sort of childish personality. :P
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Malnutrition and live in constant fear and awe of the Highborne can stunt your growth, methinks.