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Hello, world, I have a confession: I seem to have a condition where, if I play Starcraft for too long, I get an uncontrollable urge to draw my Starcraft characters. During this insanity I thought it would be an excellent idea to redesign all their appearances, backgrounds, and even some personalities. And so I did, and here we are. With all the work I put into this I figure I might as well get the chance to blubber aimlessly about all the changes, so buckle your seat belts, get a sandwich, or abandon ship.

Don't say I didn't warn you!

Eva Barker

Background: As with most victims of the Ghost Program, Eva Barker was found at a young age to have a high psionic potential and taken forcefully from her family to be indoctrinated as an assassin for the corrupt government. On the psi index scale she scored a 6, with a higher than average affinity for reading the thoughts of others. Eva was implanted with a neural inhibitor to block most of the telepathic chatter in her head, along with repressing past memories, and then subjugated to the rigorous, dangerous, and traumatic Ghost training. Despite having forgotten the few brief memories of her life before the Ghost Program, Eva had managed to salvage her name and repeated it nightly like a mantra--scared to death of forgetting the only thing she could call her own. To everyone else, she was #24658, a loyal Confederate Ghost who kept her inquisitive nature under wraps to avoid scrutiny from any of the higher ups. Despite the facade she was highly curious, and questioned things Ghosts were better off leaving alone.

When Arcturus Mengsk overthrew the Confederacy, and as a result inherited the Ghost Program, Eva was one of the Ghosts that managed to avoid execution under the Emperor and continued service. Unfortunately, being spared death came at a price that Eva would rather have not paid at all: memory wipes. Though she was allowed to keep the name she treasured under the Dominion, her perpetual fear of having her memories lost left her nervous wreck under her mask of an exterior. One thing the mind wipes couldn't suppress was her curiosity, which was piqued as much as it could be after exposure to the so called 'propaganda' of terrorist James Raynor. As a result, she began questioning the Dominion in the privacy of her own head, which would eventually culminate into a burning desire for freedom. She was given an out when #24658 was sent on a mission of strategic importance.

The Dominion had been tipped off that Raynor's Raiders were landing on the ruins of Tarsonis to try and acquire top secret cargo being transported by the Dominion. The operations on the planet's surface were to be handled by an intelligence officer, and Dominion traitor, named Aiden Harvard. Eva Barker was being sent after Harvard, either to capture him alive for interrogation and torture, or barring that, assassination. Instead of doing either, Eva surrendered, unarmed, in the command center of the Raider's base and was promptly taken prisoner. Aboard the Hyperion, Eva shared what little information she had been privy to and pledged her skills to the Raiders' cause. She also had her neural implant removed, which was followed by weeks of pain caused by the flood of thoughts from others' minds suddenly returning. Eva learned to manually block the flow over time, but has a bad habit of peeking into other people's minds. After Gabriel Tosh began training Spectres with terrazine and jorium, Eva had one of the Spectre recruits, Gregory Mandrake, smuggle her some of the terrazine to help bring back the memories she lost because of the Dominion's mind wiping.

Design Notes: Eva was my first Starcraft character, created for a roleplay a long time back. I've always loved Ghosts and wanted to make one that was allied with Raynor's Raiders. However, it became a problem later when I realized that Tosh line in Wings of Liberty was considered canon and therefore Spectres were the main psionic force for the Raiders. So I fudged some stuff to make it work, mainly Eva's little jaunt during the Great Train Robbery mission. While working on her reference sheet I did my research and refined the rest of her background to help the defection make more sense and maybe a bit more plausible with a little less suspension of belief.

Her personality also evolved from what it used to be, which was my stock snarky heroine. She's now a curious, closet idealist with a detrimental fear of forgetting things (especially herself.) Her fear invokes the common problem Ghost's have with socializing, because she's lived her life in the Ghost Program where everybody tried to make you forget who you were. She also has the Ghost side of her, a ruthless, efficient killer, that comes out during combat and when she gets angry.

As for the appearance design itself, I got easily frustrated trying to come up with a unique look for the hostile environment suit, so I made some minor tweaks to one that had been designed for Nova and used it instead. One thing I like is that it has a very Spectre-ish appearance, which sort of fits well with Eva's home among the other psionics on the Hyperion, but still keeping her own identity as a Ghost (in case anybody is wondering why she doesn't become a Spectre, she's a bit traumatized from the resurfaced memories of her initial Ghost training and refuses to go through something like that again.) Like many other Ghosts she uses a C-10 Rifle in combat alongside her psionic abilities, many of which are less powerful compared to her telepathic skills. She also has a habit of pulling her hair back for a fight (which you can see to the left) and letting it out when she's being more casual. She has goggles too, but I kinda forgot to draw them in. Whoops.

Aiden Harvard

Background: Aiden Harvard was born on Korhal to a wealthy family, as such he grew up with much and wanted for nothing during his childhood. He had an expansive education and was eager to devour whatever knowledge he could get his hands on. Unfortunately, his studies were cut short by the Confederacy's bombing of his homeworld in retaliation of its anti-Confederacy movement. The nuclear devastation claimed most of his extended relatives, though Aiden and his parents, Damion and May Harvard, survived with their wealth intact. The Harvards were one of the benefactors of the Sons of Korhal, funding Arcturus Mengsk in his attempt to bring justice to the Confederacy. This monetary aid would eventually secure Aiden's family a place of nobility-like status, alongside other prominent figures, when Korhal became the capital seat of the new Terran Dominion. His family was extremely loyal to Emperor Mengsk, helping to fund Korhal's reconstruction. Living in the heart of Dominion power, with the respect of the Emperor, and engaged to a beautiful, rich young woman, Aiden believed nothing could ever shake his studies like the bombardment had done.

Unfortunately, poison from within is the most unexpected killer. Aiden's father was falsely accused of spreading 'lies' concerning the methods of the Sons of Korhal during its campaign against the Confederacy. Aiden and May attempted to find evidence to clear Damion's name, but their former friends alienated them to avoid being condemned themselves. The Emperor lacked patience to deal with the unrest that had stirred the citizenry, so the Dominion had Damion abruptly executed by putting a bullet through his head. Arcturus' charisma then defused the few riots caused by the falsified scandal, but Aiden's perfect vision of the Dominion had already been shattered beyond repair. Abandoning his mother (who chose to stay behind), his inheritance, and his fiancee, Aiden took a shuttle off of Korhal and found himself in a hive of scum and villainy where he eventually joined Raynor's Raiders to fight against the Dominion he once idolized.

A combination of his education and knowledge of the Dominion allowed Aiden to climb the ladder and earn a spot as an intelligence officer aboard the Hyperion. Despite his loyalty to Raynor's cause, a majority of the Raiders were less than enthused about taking orders from an aloof, Dominion posterboy, traitor or no. As a result, Aiden gets little of the respect that should come with his rank, but bears the insults as much as his leering past. Things become very interesting when he goes topside to retrieve important Dominion cargo from the ruins of Tarsonis and returns with the bonus of a Dominion Ghost who had surrendered instead following orders and killing him. Aiden Harvard gradually becomes smitten by Eva Barker, which thrusts him into a rivalry with a former vulture pilot, now Spectre, Gregory Mandrake, who also fancies the Ghost.

Design Notes: During the same roleplay where I created Eva, I eventually created Aiden as well. Kind of. At the time his name was Axel Harvard and he was basically a ripoff of the Axel from my original story Herald but plopped in space. I renamed him at some point to differentiate the two characters, and he started growing up from there. When he first showed up he was just some important guy that people actually respected (except one), but his character evolved into an intelligence officer who nobody could care two sticks about. Working on his design here was the first time I tried to figure out why he wasn't respected, beyond his tense personality. That brief brainstorming opened itself up to him being a former Dominion supporter, and the rest of his story unfolded from there. And yes, his crazy Dominion ex-fiancee is a plot hook.

For his design, I wanted something that screamed 'Hi, I'm a rich, serious, duty guy!' while being militaristic and looking as if it could be worn by an officer. Without copying Matt Horner (though I did keep the turtleneck he had since he was first created but like everyone on the Hyperion wears a turtleneck so I don't feel bad). I turned to some old historical military jackets, changed the colors, and added some epaulettes, and fell in love. You can see the design on his forearm cuffs off to the side, because I hid them while unashamedly avoiding drawing hands.

The belt buckle is actually pretty significant. I spent a while looking up an idea for a crest for his family, as he's somewhat of a nostalgic guy and he'd keep a family heirloom to remind himself of what he's lost, to put on it. Eventually I settled on the face of a fox (yes, that's a fox, not a wolf) because of the dual nature of the creature. The fox is portrayed differently in various cultures, in some it's a wise messenger that provides others with information (intelligence officer!) and in others it's accused of being a trickster, liar, and thief (like Aiden's father.) So I did put some thought into it, though I'll eventually have to refine the crest itself, since it really doesn't look like anything fancy. And while it's not shown, after the incident on Tarsonis involving Eva, Aiden began carrying around a revolver. Just in case.

Nora Sanchez

Background: When fire and flames consume the sector, Core Worlds are defended better than their fringe world counterparts, but that doesn't mean the lowest of their citizens are treated better than dust. Nora Sanchez was born and raised on the future Dominion Core World of Nephor II, part of a poor family and the sixth oldest, and only girl, of nine siblings. She grew up helping a local, backdoor doctor tend to the injuries and sickness that abounded where she lived. By the time she was a teenager she knew the ins and outs of the medicinal properties of local fauna and had mastered the use of rudimentary medical technology (which had been bought from a twitchy merchant with too many shady contacts and not enough teeth.) If there was one thing she loved doing, it was saving people, and it was always a pipe dream for her to learn someday how to do it properly.

The overthrowing of the Confederacy and the ascendence of the Dominion brought Nephor II into the fold of Core Worlds, mainly for its untapped potential to provide factories for the Dominion's cause. At its heart, the change meant little for how most of the planet's occupancy was treated except to bear the brunt of abuse of patrolling Dominion soldiers. Nora's brothers, a rowdy, passionate group of boys, became fed up with the Dominion propaganda swearing prosperity on her people, but seeing no change in how they were living their downtrodden lives and being spat on by the soldiers who were supposed to be helping them. The Sanchez brothers organized a violent riot that took to the streets around one of Nephor II's more prosperous factories, but kept their sister on the sidelines to help the wounded and keep her out of certain danger. The Dominion soldiers broke up the riot with gunfire, resulting in either dead people or a mob of frenzied individuals trying to get away. A brave few stood their ground, but their courage was short lived. Nora watched helplessly as her brothers were forced into a firing line and gunned down on the spot.

Nora discovered half-torn posters in an alley supporting Raynor's Raiders and their anti-Dominion cause. Selling her medical tech and anything else she could scrape together, she gathered enough credits to help her smuggle herself off the planet and survive on her own. She roamed from fringe world to fringe world until she came across Raynor's Raiders and had the opportunity to see them help others first hand, and jumped at the chance to hop aboard the infamous Hyperion. The ship's medical technology was well below par at the time, but it was what Nora had been used to using, and she made the most of her new job as part of the Raider's onhand medical staff. She made a name for herself as a jack-of-all trades, working in the medbay as much as being on the ground and manning a medivac, alongside her unquestionable wit and snarkiness.

Design Notes: Ah, Nora. She has the glory of being a favorite amongst my friends due to her zany and sarcastic personality. She showed up in the same roleplay that spawned Eva and Aiden, though at the time had simply started out as a named extra piloting the medivac preforming an evac. Near the end of the roleplay's life she took on a slightly larger role, but she never filled her own boots until I was left to stew with her stubborn character who wouldn't got away. What I was left with was a snarky latina medic who often times was more liable to injure her somewhat brainless patients more than help them if she deemed it necessary. As with the other backstories she got more fleshed out while I was working on this, where I decided her primary motivation in the form of her brothers' deaths. Some scrapped ideas were her having a formal medical degree, but that didn't seem very Nora, who comes across to me as a very scrappy medic.

Some of you had already seen Nora's redesign in my scraps, which was the first I 'technically' did, but I figured I might as well refine it. I thought it would be easy to simply copy the design, but Nora was having none of this 'easy' stuff, and decided to make my life quite miserable while trying to draw her down. Compared to the others, Nora's outfit is definitely your basic, average, not fancy Raider, which is definitely a point I wanted to get across. That and she likes pockets. And baggy pants. Unlike the original sketch I decided to pull her hair back here, as I felt it made more sense with the bandana (which provides a nice splash of color to an otherwise earthy outfit.) Body type wise, Nora is slightly stockier than Eva, definitely wider in the hips and chest.

She's also quite crazy prepared. Nora has an A-13 Flash Grenade launcher (which isn't pictured except the very top behind her back), a handgun, and a knife (the sheath is sewn into her left boot, she's a leftie) that belonged to one of her brother's. Nora keeps it around because she actually managed to kill a zergling with it that was trying to eat her leg off. She's got some nasty scars from the incident. Nora also has a pair of old-fashioned dogtags she wears around her neck with her brothers' names on them, four for each, that she always wears.

Madison Lee

Background: Mar Sara was a planet of farmers, miners, and backwater civilians, all crammed together and held in a degree of contempt by the Confederacy of Man. Madison Lee was a bright child who's family had enough funds to get her decent, though by no means extravagant, education compared to most of her peers. As an adolescent looking for work beyond manual labor, she was hired as an assistant to the Magistrate of Mar Sara, a job that would end up taking her away from home. She spent many of her early years of work pencil pushing, eventually formally becoming the Magistrate's young secretary and handling things from correspondence to logistics. Madison began seeing her boss as a second father, and that relationship of trust would give her more responsibilities in the manning of the planet. Including, but not limited to, helping put local hooligans behind bars (like a certain, persistent trickster Gregory Mandrake.)

Good things don't last forever, especially after the zerg began to bear down upon Mar Sara. When the quarantine began and the threat of the Swarm became virtual armageddon for the backwater planet, the Magistrate of Mar Sara found his head snapped right off by one of the monsters. By this point, the Confederacy had abandoned the planet to the zerg. Madison did the only thing she could do: she took charge, and became the unofficial new Magistrate to try and hold the surviving population together. In no small part due to the leadership and combat experience of sheriff Jim Raynor, the refugees of Mar Sara, and their new Magistrate, held out long enough to be evacuated by the Sons of Korhal. She played a role in the following campaign to take down the Confederacy, her gifts of logistics, tactics, and analysis flourishing under the gravity of the situation.

During the aftermath of the battle of New Gettysburg, Madison, like Raynor and many others, was appalled by the Sons of Korhal's use of the psi emitter. She joined with Raynor to create the Raiders, and stuck with the group throughout the First Great War, the Brood War, and into the Second Great War, becoming one of Raynor's commanding officers aboard the Hyperion. To most of the crew and soldiers, she's still known as 'the Magistrate', though she really no longer holds the title. Still, she's highly respected for her tendency to save lives and her genuine regret for every man she ends up losing in combat.  She tends to spend most of her time aboard the battlecruiser, handling the planning of battles from above, and as a result doesn't often see combat, but she knows how to use a rifle and isn't afraid of shooting zerg, or Dominion, in the face if necessary.

Design Notes: So smart people who have played the first Starcraft will probably realize that Madison kind of fits the bill for the anonymous Magistrate you play during the Terran campaign, which would be both an apt and correct observation. However, some of you might outcry 'But the Magistrate was a guy! And he left Raynor before the Brood War!', which is also correct. The fun thing about anonymous protagonists and headcanon that you share with friends, is that as long as nobody that you care about has an issue with it, you can stick a face to them. So Madison was born after some fun brainstorming and the need for a commanding officer in a (different) roleplay. In true Hyper fashion, I of course had to make the Magistrate a woman. Starcraft needs some more of those that are important besides Kerrigan. Her background was pretty easy to come up with, because I wanted to place the brunt of the effort from the Terran campaign on Jim's shoulders, instead of Madison. So while she did contribute, she didn't have quite as much a role that you actually have in the game.

As for her design, I wanted a more modern look compared to Aiden's outfit, that still had that same air of militant authority. I found a design for a military jacket that I really liked, so I used that and switched the colors so they fit with the Raiders. Her pants also have blue Corellian bloodstripes (because they were bland and I had to stick a ridiculous reference somewhere!) I've never actually drawn her before, so only a few things changed from her base text description. Her hair was originally shoulder length, but I brought it up because she looked a lot less official with the longer hairstyle (and it was also a little closer to Eva's than I liked.)

Unlike the others, her design really isn't hiding anything so there isn't any extra doodles. Like the background states, she knows how to shoot a rifle half-decently, but she doesn't have a specific one she'd carry so I didn't even bother drawing it (not that I would have if she did.) Lastly, her body type is tall and slender. She's taller than the others, even a few centimeters over Aiden, and flat as a board. This is compared, of course, to Nora's stocky curves and Eva's more slender but hourglass figure.

And yeah, that's actually about everything that I think I can ramble about. If you made it this far (and I didn't force you to read this) thanks for taking the time to go through all of it! I'm really happy with these characters and their new designs, even though some details in the backstories still have to be fleshed out eventually. Thankfully, they're solid enough that I no longer have to dodge the issue whenever it comes up in roleplay.

Also decided to delete all my tags at some point so I had to redo them all /annoyed

Starcraft, Starcraft: Brood War, and Starcraft II are © Blizzard Entertainment
Eva, Aiden, Nora, and Madison, as character concepts, are © Me
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Awesome characters! Is out there anything more I can read about them?  Maybe a fanfic or somesuch?
Secondsynergy's avatar
Aaaaah thank you! But unfortunately this is pretty much the extent of I've got on them. :( While I love these guys, and I've used them in a couple of roleplays, Starcraft isn't one of my bigger fandoms and they've been sort of pushed on my creative backburner as a result.
Now that's unfortunate. I was hoping for a good SC 2 fanfic. Do you mind clarifying a few things at least?
Secondsynergy's avatar
Haha, sorry to disappoint. :XD: But sure, I'll do my best! What would you like to know? :D
1. You mentiioned roleplaying. What system were you using?

2.Why  exactly Eva refuses to go spectre? You gave a reason but it doesn't make much sence to me.

3. Bio states that Aiden was born on Corhal and that his family lived there. Presumably the majority of their business activities were also there. How did they all survive the destruction of the planet with enough wealth to support Arcturus?
 and a last thing(for now at least :-)). Dominion changed the designation for all of their Ghosts from numbers only to number-letter combinations like X41822N or X52735N. Not a big deal, but it would be a nice touch to make one for Eva.
Secondsynergy's avatar
1.) Haha, not really a system of any sort. I do a lot of pure text forum roleplaying, rather than dice rolling tabletop stuff, with friends, which is where these characters have seen practically their only use outside of my head.

2.) Yep, gonna straight up admit this was definitely one of the flimsier plot holes when I first wrote this, mainly because I was actively (and overthinking) trying to find an excuse for her to not become a Spectre.  Honestly, the fact that Raynor mandated that Tosh make the spectre process volunteer only, plus the psychopathic side effects of spectre creation, are probably enough reason on their own for why Eva wouldn't bother.  She's kind of a fragile character in the fact that she wouldn't be desperate enough for the Psi-boost to want to sacrifice her remaining sanity/mental state (she's overly protective of her mind ever since joining the Raiders, as a result of PTSD and trauma) to go through with it.
TL;DR: Too terrified/not enough incentive to want to be a spectre :P probably still rather flimsy, terrible at explaining things

3.) oops actual plot hole. This one might need rewrites/research to properly fix.  However, best thing I can come up with off the top of my head is that the majority of the Harvard family's liquid assets were not actually on Korhal when the planet was bombarded (might not be a stretch to say there's an orbital station bank somewhere out there, LOL) so they had funds to tap into following the planet's devastation. Buuuut can't exactly be sure of any of that because I never thought of this! (so thanks for bringing it up!)

4.) oooo didn't know that! (/the more you know) I'll look in to making her one ;0 thanks again!
1. Do you mind sending a link?

2a. This obviously begs the question:  why were you so desperate to find said excuse ? :-)
2b. According to Ghost spectres,  those side effects only kick in if a spectre overdoses or does not use jorium. Still I agree that alongside the addiction they are probably the strongest counter-arguments to going through with spectre procedure. I think it is a better justification that the one in  the bio. 

3&4. Glad to be of service. :-)
5. Just in case: have you read Ghost:Nova, Ghost Academy manga and Ghost:Spectres?
Secondsynergy's avatar
1.) Nah, but fair warning: the site isn't actually dedicated to SC RP, but WoW RP. Most of what I've used these guys for has been crossovers and what not, so there's really no pure Starcraft lying around (though that is something I've been meaning to try doing eventually.)
-… (The original RP half of these guys appeared in)
-… (Another one, set in the SC universe but with self insert nimrods running around. I did this one before rewriting everyone's history)
-… (And the last. Re-do of the first RP, everyone's post-history rewrite, has some new guys from my friends running around too.)

2a.) Haha, pretty sure I had just been over thinking what I needed to do to excuse having a Ghost in the Raiders. The thought process probably went something like: "Oh yeah I want a Ghost--oh wait Spectres are canon. Well I can work with that--but wait oops why wouldn't they just become a Spectre? Ahhhh need an excuse" and cue inelegant flailing and making something up on the spot that didn't make much sense at the time (or any time.)

Eva's always been the hardest of the lot though, not only because I needed to dance around canon to establish her, but she also started out as a very flat, undynamic character I'm still struggling to write a unique personality for.

5.) Unfortunately no D: I've never had much access to Blizzard EU stuff and haven't gotten around to searching for any of it again.
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Very nice OC's. 

I have an head-canon as well for the Magistrate (A guy, obliviously because I'm a guy)  As the pragmatic but loyal to his men type of dude, who after seeing the utter disregard the confederacy had for the people of Mar Sara, joined up with the Son's of Korhal, and pretty much made all the important tactical decisions you make in the campaign. Befriending Jim and Kerrigan along the way.

At the battle of New Gettysburg he pretty much figured that Mensk was not the benevolent revolutionary he had made himself out to be, and started plaining a way to get his troops out of the mess before anything bad would happen. Then something bad happened when Kerrigan was taken and Jim in a fit of rage, pretty much told Mensk where he could stick it, rendering any and all plans for a quite exit moot. After stealing the Hyperion, he and Jim started to fall out, feeling that one too many had died already thanks to him tipping Mensk off about there desertion form the Sons of Korhal.
He tied to stick it out feeling that Jim needed to cool off and deal with the loss of Kerrigan, believing  that he at least owed him one as a friend.... Then Jim started hearing his dead girlfriend call out to him in his dreams. So the Magistrate decide that he probably wasn't resistance leader material dispute Raynor's assurances that he was sure it was real, but he was no longer going to risk those lives he was responsible for, for the causes of other's. So he left after helping out with the evacuation of Aiur, with any who wanted to, and set off to start his own PMC group, but not without having one last argument with Jim confronting him on his decent into alcoholism, and how he had no right to risk the lives of his men for his guilt fantasy's. This ended with him getting a right hook in his face.
Afterword he Helped refuges and struggling planets against both the Zerg and UED during the Brood War until its end. Taking on stranded UED troops and gear to help bolster his Company, keeping himself out of the lime light in the process. Sometimes sending tech and recruits to Raynor's forces as a way of keeping in limited contact with his old Friend. 

That's all I got so far let me know what you think. 
Secondsynergy's avatar
Thanks ^_^ They're some of my favorite characters even if I don't use them for a lot.

And I read through your Magistrate's history and it sounds really interesting! It's also a creative way to follow along the lines of the actual canon with him splitting away from Raynor after the events of SC1. (I mean with all the work they did together in the first game, you'd think they'd be like best bros, but you gave a pretty logical explanation for why they'd end up drifting apart.)
avenger09's avatar
Thanks, I figured it was conflict of personality Jim was the cowboy,very open and honest, though that can be flaw as well, seeing as he made no effort to hide his outrage from Mensk.
Where as the Magistrate was a lot more restrained and calm because as the battle commander a lot of lives depend on him making decisions so he must always think and plan out his moves in order to find the best way to ensure his people's survival.

It made sense to me that after New Gettysburg he and Jim would be in conflict not only because they've both just lost Kerrigan but because it was Jim who (While still in grief) made a decision that cost more lives than whatever the Magistrate would have came up with. At least from his perspective.  
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Needs more infestation.

Secondsynergy's avatar
I will always be a Raider girl. :P
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Noraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3

These are all really cool, though. I especially like Eva's suit and Madison's uniform. Great detail work on those ^^
Secondsynergy's avatar
Noooraaaaaaaa :D what is professionalism

Thanks. XD I'm so happy Eva's suit turned out as well as it did, I really, really wasn't expecting that.
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Aiden: "Alright everyone, look professional for our group shot!"

*several minutes later*

Aiden: *looks at picture* "Noone listens to me.... ever..."
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"Professional, Nora! I said professional! Do you even know what professional means?"

"Sure, I do. It means 'Harvard's about to bore me to death!"
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