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Sketchcomic - types of Attraction

By secondlina
A comic about the different types of attraction one might feel. The descriptions were taken from a website about asexuality, I saw the link to that site  floating around on tumblr and really wanted to add visuals to them.

I think people who are not asexual feel these regularly too. There’s all kinds of attractions for all kinds of people. Enjoy.

EDIT : Description changed because the original made it seem unclear that the art was done by me.
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This is outstanding!!!!   Thank you for making it clearer with your wonderful skills!  = D   
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Oh my god this was SO helpful. And the art that goes along with it is super cute.
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This image was one of the first things that helped me piece together that I'm asexual.

Just... thank you.
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What happen if I have all of these (。ŏ_ŏ)
CuauhtemocI5MAL's avatar
Mmm... I could have a Squish.
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Thank you so much for this very helpful picture! I use it all the time!

I think it'd be great if you can edit your deviantart name into the bottom right corner. I like to share this image a lot and it'd be great if they could find your page more easily if they just save it to their harddrive. 
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Thanks a lot for this
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I'm glad somebody used "attraction" instead of "sexuality". This case always confused lots of people. You've just made everything clear!:D
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I saw this on tumblr just now. Very cute and very educational. Well done!
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I like this very much. I personally hated refering to anything as my "sexual attraction" since I'm not interested in sex. But I do feel strong romantic attraction to people.
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Same! I'm more of a "sensual" person. I'd love to have a cuddle buddy, but sex is a nuisance.
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Someone linked me to this because I was saying how my attraction towards men isn't romantic or sexual in nature, but I still get star crushes (or maybe squishes, now that I think of it) and stuff. I think the term aesthetic attraction works quite well for my situation, thank you for explaining it :D
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No problem, glad it helps!
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is that sherlock
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This is so great bless you
Just a question, does kissing go under the sensual category?
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Yeah, and actually I wanted to thank you for doing this. Images are easier to spread in most social networks. I hope that will help people stop imagining sexual things between two when nothing like that is the matter...
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A picture is worth a thousand words.
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Squish looks kinda "sensual+friendship" to me from these description, but I guess there's difference. Like, you like to cuddle your best friend because it's your close person and it's a way to have fun and express friendship; but as for Sensual, it's just a desire to touch because I dunno which reasons.
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Squish? I thought it's called friendship or something.
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It's the really, really profound version of it.
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Profound version? Well, i'd say, it is a thing called "platonic love", if we speak of very close relationships that do not have sexual element in them.
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