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Fairy tale - Composers and creators


It took me ages, but I did it. I did a poster featuring the lads and ladies known as composers and collectors of fairy tales, and rulers of my heart. *laughs*

My two favorite things about this is that Collodi (creator of The Adventures of Pinocchio) looks like a Disney villain and that Scheherazade is front and center. I know she isn’t a real person, but she represents all the people who participated to the creation of the 1001 nights. 

This was used as an update in our Namesake guest week. Seemed à propos considering the comic’s plot.

This is available as a print here.

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I looked up a bunch of these people on google once. They're pretty cool, too bad they're not more well known.
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I love this! Especially way you had drawn Lewis Carroll(he looks so cute in this :3!). And as for H.C. Andersen, where were you when Disney did that episode of "The Little Mermaid" show where he appeared in? I love Disney but they didn't get his hair color right! They needed you!
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That Awkward Moment When You're one of the few people in the World who recognizes more than half of these names and faces... :O

Literally how I feel right now ;)
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nice picture though in my opinion I would put jewell's vern in this (yeah his work is more sci fi but to me its very creative like a fantasy)
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I was kinda disapointed that OUAT did'nt mentioned or referenced the authors/collectors of fairy tales.
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OUAT's content is built a lot around Disney's versions of the tale and the idea that the stories are "real", so it didn't really fit in the plot I think.
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I truly was disapointed that this show only refrenced the Disney versions. 
Wonderful. I love the way you have drawn Lewis Carroll.
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Thanks! I like it too!
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Simply wonderful! All these faces, what a collection.
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Collecting the collectors.
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I am not so familiar with some of them, so now you have given me something fun to do. :)
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I really love this poster. So much to look at. It's nice to see your take on people and I always love your creature designs.
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Drawing cartoony portraits is something I love doing.
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Ooooo really nice. Some of them I've never heard of so I'll be sure to check them out. Great drawing
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I absolutely adore this picture. I sadly don't recognize many of them, but I got excited when I reached Jeanne Marie LePrince de Beaumont. I had to do a French project on a famous French person, and I choose her. I'm going to try and get a print sometime around the new year. Brilliant work, and I'm looking for to more from you.
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Aw, thank you! :)
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I love it! <3 The "creators" are great, and I adore all the small creatures around the tree trunk.
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