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I've been meaning to address this for some time, and its actually the top item on my personal wish-list for commissions: but I think the Zeus Class dreadnought needs a serious reexamination of its design (I'm also considering renaming them Olympus-class dreadnoughts instead). Furthermore, I'd like to know just how you imagine many of the ships and stations the timeline and wikia have made reference toward, and if you feel there are any logical flaws that should be retconned/changed. (See this page for information on the types of spacecraft employed:…)

In my mind the Orbital Command Stations (basically Friedman's Battlestars) just look like armored versions of the ring stations from 2001. Their successors, the cruisers and dreadnoughts that serve as the capital ships of the US and eventually Mexican space forces, are all based around the OCS designs, or more accurately the Mk. 2 OCS which was outfitted with a propulsion system that allowed it to change orbit. With that in mind, the Zeus Class should of course be the result of an arms race that would have been going on for 50 years, on top of the 40 years of R&D that occurred in the US prior to the Second Mexican War. Dreadnoughts and cruisers would be somewhat-saucer shaped with its primary propulsion system on the bottom and smaller maneuvering thrusters on its sides. Cruisers would be used as depoyable C2 stations with orbital strike capabillities, but the far larger dreadnoughts would be comparable almost to 40k's "Phalanx," massive spacecraft capable of launching a small war almost entirely on their own.

I feel I had initially described the Zeus class dreadnought as looking kinda like the ISA Cruisers from Killzone (…), with a combination propulsion and bombardment cannon forming the bulk of the ship's mass. While I still feel that should be the case with the Zeus class (and the feature that makes it unique to previous dreadnoughts and cruisers), I am concerned that it might be a little too small for its role. These are ships meant to launch wars on a planetary scale in a world where O'Neil ships and stations are tens of kilometers long. While I don't think they should be that big, I do think that they should essentially be supercarriers designed to move large portions of the Colonial Fleet to Earth (crew and smaller ships).

What do you think these super-dreadnoughts should look like?
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This group is for fans of Sean McKnight's Second Renaissance world building project. If you have ideas and content set in the world of TSR, or just want to learn more about what this future world could look like, this is the group for you.

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