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Doctor Yeti by killashandra-falta:iconsaysplz:Hello sweetie and be welcome in the club!
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Chomp. Chew. Swallow.
Characters:  All the Doctors from 1-10; Rassilon.

What went on deep in the mind of the Doctor when he was facing down Rassilon…

Rassilon does not play fair.

Who is the Doctor to judge?

The Borkimor was one of the finest-ever creations of Gallifreyan science.  It was strong, clever, took initiative, and never gave up on its assigned tasks.  It was also incapable of disagreeing with its master, the Lord Rassilon, who housed it within his fathomless brain.  When Rassilon slept, it slept.  When Rassilon woke, it woke.  It usually woke up hungry, because the Borkimor was what it was, and that was a thing carefully crafted from knowledge stolen from the Great Vampires since before the Great War. Rassilon had made it; Rassilon had pulled it into his Coronet.  It waited for its commands.

Borkimor, Lord Rassilon whispered to it, gently, tenderly, and the parasite uncoiled, stretching its claws one by one, tilting its jaws back and feeling how the venom sacs slowly filled with fluid.

Borkimor, Lord Rassilon cooed.  Chomp.  Chew.  Swallow.

It hissed as it slid out of its nest, and wrapped its long tail around the points behind Lord Rassilon’s eyes.  On the other side wavered a long, lean being that smelled like Time Lord but not-quite.

The Doctor, Lord Rassilon’s mind sang so-sweetly.  Take his mind, take his weakest form. Take it for your own.  Spread your venom. Chomp.  Chew.  Swallow.  Gallifrey shall Return.  

The Borkimor drooled, and drained itself out of Rassilon’s skull-sockets.  The quantum connexion between the eyes was an easy bridge and it dripped inside the wide-eyed-brain of the Doctor as, distracted, his mouth moved and he quarreled with Lord Rassilon.

Let Lord Rassilon battle in the WakePlane, make Time so that the moment would be seized; Lord Rassilon would win.  Rassilon always would win-win.
As Rassilon battled the Doctor and scolded the crippled thing that was the Master, the Borkimor oozed its last bits from its nesting place within its Lord’s mind and crept delicately within the exile’s brain.

Seek the Doctor’s mind, find his past forms, find the weak one, and devour it from the inside out; burrow into the empty husk of the personality-ghost within the Doctor’s psyche, and spread your killing contagion. Make of him my puppet, bow him to my will, Creature of My Coronet.  Chomp.  Chew.  Swallow.

The forms fluttered and swarmed about the Borkimor’s invasion, protested loudly.  The Shorn Doctor fell back, shouting with venom-smoke tearing holes in his limb-clothing.  The past-next one with the bandoleer stepped to protect him.  The Borkimor pressed on, their shout-shots sweet tingles upon its pebbly hide.  

The Merlin with his enfeebled memory was barely a notice. It tripped-back behind its long hair, hand clap-clapping over its mouth as the Borkimor’s spittle-fumes clouded the mind.  Slither, swift, swiftly.  Cozy coils of brain, sweet tingles of mind.  Soon-soon.  Chomp.  Chew.  Swallow.  

The Deadly Wizard was a surprise; the Borkimor sensed animosity to it from the others but there was healthy respect and a little fear for that small Doctor. It faced him with a red-handled question-thing, but a roar from the Borkimor sent it scuttling behind the flared ribs of the thing, and the poison-spit hissed as it etched into the silk.  

Still not the right one.  Ones all strong; all powerful. Not the one. Not the weak one. Not to Chomp.  Not to Chew.  Not-swallow.  

The Borkimor slithed and burrowed deep within the psychic tunnels of the Doctor’s brain.  Outside in the physical world Lord Rassilon was doubtless giving the upstart just rewards.  The Borkimor would help.  Find the weakest Doctor.  Find it, chomp it, chew it, swallow.

A ColorPoet flared, its righteous fury and indignation briefly distracting the parasite.  But though he was willing to fight to the end, a yellow-topped Cricketeer pushed him out of the Borkimor’s charge with some sort of wooden toy.  roundball went strike smashed lip, cringing fangs, roar.

The Borkimor whipped its sinews, Doctors gasp-back-fell.  Run to back of mind, run runrun.  Borkimor pick up speed, smells Doctor, tastes more Doctor in the brain, lashes, pushes with tail-tip, slashes ribs of cortex-tunnel with sharp spines.  

The Borkimor flowed, and crawled and tripped over a long rope of striped wool.  It snarled, spitting drool and the venom it kept to pacify its victims. Striped-wool-rope pulled back, handoverhand, striped-wool-Doctor runs.
Almost to the bottom of the Doctor’s mind-lives, and fear whispered and whisked about its clacking claws.  Soon, soon soonsoon.  Chomp.  Chew. Swallow.

Bottom of the mind-well, bottom of the psyche.  Forms hiding in cranny.  Huddled up, young-young forms, minds smell so sweetsharp.  Sacs swelling with tingly venom.  Tickly-tingly, venom ripe, makes Borkimor chew and champ.  Venom drools throw tooth-gaps, froths bubbly around feathery fangs.  Smells smallness here, somewhere here.  In the bottom of the mind-well.  Rassilon’s memory:

THE ORIGINAL form leaned away from the Borkimor as it slid inside, huge head blocking wayin-wayout.  Borkimor plugging escape.  ORIGINAL DOCTOR, YES.  Tongue-to-air tastes Time Lord; more Time Lord than other forms.  TIME LORD.  Tasty, tasty Time Lord.  Lean and frailform, mind crisp and clean as a Time Lord’s from the Elder Days.  

At his side newer form, tall and proper in cloak.  Velvet and silkform.   Hands tugging at the Borkimor’s tail, otherforms trying to pull him away, get him away from Chomp. Chew.  Swallow.

The Borkimor drooled.  The otherforms hammered against its tough scales, shouting.  Shouting sweet tingly outrage, trying to stop Borkimor, pulling at his pebbly tail, fists pounding, tickles.

Both forms stood at the ready to fight, THE ORIGINAL clasping a walking-stick in his knotted fingers and the other poising his hands like blades.

The Borkimor loomed up, intending to choose from this lot which to chomp, which to chew, which to swallow.  But as it did so a final head peeped timidly from behind the twice-larger body in velvet.

A hidden Doctor, oh, clever.

Cleverclever.  Lord Rassilon knows the Doctor is clever.

This Doctor littledoctor, barely taller than littleWizard.  No proper Time Lord, rude rags baggy dragging outsized around his tinytiny frame and his shock of snow white hair flopped over one eye and then the other; head was down and his face was squinched up-narrowed look at it peep up at the Borkimor.  Childish blinking wondereyes blinking up at the Borkimor, mouth open his small hands clasped a primitive woodwind to ragged chest.

Of course.  Clever Doctor, clever Doctors. Otherforms would try to distract the Borkimor from their weakest link.   Try to keep their weak Doctor safe.  Here was the true quarry. Here to chomp.  Chomp, chomp, chomp.

"You."  The Borkimor drooled.  Puddles of fresh venom hissed upon the floor of the Doctor’s mind, discoloring and sickening the psychic atmosphere.  "You are the one."

"Ah," The little Doctor murmured regretfully, which disgusted the parasite.  At the end of its existence and this was all it could muster?
"Get back, both of you," He said softly.  "There’s no sense in all of us getting et, is there?"  

Slowly, they drew away, THE ORIGINAL leaning on his cane.

The Borkimor twisted its jaw, releasing a fresh cloud of venom.  The little Doctor wrinkled his nose in distaste.

"Do you mind?"  He ask peevishly.  "I know you’re here to eat me, but there’s no need to make a mess, is there?"

The otherselves stop.  They back away, Borkimor feels them running, running, running away, running fast fastfast, getting away, won’t save them when he takes the little one.First the little one, then spread to the others.  Lord Rassilon praise.

"There is no ‘mess.’" The Borkimor drooled.  "You are feast. Chomp.  Chew.  Swallow."

”Oh.”  was the faint response.  "Well…then…you had best get on with it, hmn?"

The Borkimor lifted its large skull, slacked its jaw to let the venom out.

The little doctor tipped his head up to watch his end, and his eyes fully opened, wide and suddenly not blinking.

Twin green orbs gleamedglowgleed.

And the Borkimor saw that all the personalities were in pretending to dislike and hate each other; in the realm of Mind they moved in harmony.

They weren’t leaving him to his fate.

They were getting out of his way.




This is just so sweet.
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