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SC Free HDRi Lights for Daz Studio

Here are a set of HDRi lights – 8 in total with presets for Daz. Simply drop into your content folder and you’ll find them under ‘Light Presets’

Hope you find them useful
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Thank you for sharing!

Merci beaucoup !

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These are great! Thank you

So nice of you. thanks!

I've had great results with these, thanks!

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Thanks. As a newbie to daz3d this is very helpful.
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I have Daz 4.10 and installed these yet when I click the preset nothing happens. I know I am missing something, I am not familiar with hdri lighting, I am sure I am doing something wrong, can you help?
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hey there - nothing will happen in screen - you'll only see a difference in the render. If you look under the  Render Tab when you click you should see the Environment Map will change. Make sure you're set to Dome only under the render settings too. Hope thats helps some :)
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Thanks you! I'm using you Studio Lights v2, and they are fantastic. Can't wait to try these out. Cheers!
Really nice!! 3 and 7 are my favorite...
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Most excellent...thank you very much
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Thank you very much !
I will try them
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Thank you, your stuff is great!
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Thank you they look good
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Very nice - thanks!
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Thanks friend :D (Big Grin) 
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Thank you very much for the lights.  THey look very good. 
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Thank you, these are awesome looking!
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