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Freebie - Daz iRay Studio Lights V2

An update to my older lights - added a backlight, hairlight and background light as well as a few effects including Mono rendering and a cross processed effect.

Make sure that your render settings are set to Scene only. (Theres a turn off dome option) Although you can mix HDRi with these lights, for this purpose, you want it off.

If you do these things you should get exactly the same results. (Shaders apart)

Iray Studio Lights by second-circle 

There are 13 lights in this setup, but in the image only one is on at a time. Each gives a different effect and all have their place. Some look better with a second light to add depth, but, for example, when I shoot nudes in studio I’ll often use a side light only or single front light. Most of these are pretty flattering to a model – you will have your own preference, but load a model up and just try a few renders with different lights on and off. 

Play with it and find what works for you.
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Awesome set of lights thanks ever so much, they were recommended to me and I'm so pleased they were, truly appreciate you creating this set thank you 👍🏾🙏🏽☮️

Best lighting I have used in DAZ, great job and thank you! :)

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Very nice. Thanks for your time in creating this for some of us light challenged.

Greatly appreciated.

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Thanks so VERY much !
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Absolutely Brilliant! Thank you!
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Wow, trying it right now and I'm amazed.
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thank you knidly. but, am i the only one who doesnt understand how to install these?

thanks once again
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Doesn't seem to work in 4.1 - the presets are not showing up anywhere.
reality art work
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Wow. Amazing!! i would just love to see speedpaints of this! could teach so much! 
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This is a fantastic one-click lighting setup. Thanks very much! Used here:…
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I love beautiful face and light
I will upload your light
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These are amazing. I loaded a figure I've custom designed into your set, tried a test render and OH MY GOD SHE'S ALIVE! Really, I expected her to start talking to me any moment. Thanks so much.
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Thank you so much. looking forward to using them :-) 
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Right. THESE lights.....I don't know what you've done, but omg they are blowing my mind. Seriously. I've used them in the last 4 portraits I've done, and I cannot believe the results I am getting. I'm so tempted to just throw all my other iray light sets away. LOL. I know you said it's just an 'update', but I just can't believe what I'm getting with them, compared to the original freebie set (which, don't get me wrong, was absolutely brilliant). Thank you THANK YOU. I'm seeing an incredible improvement in my portraits. 
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yay! thats awesome Jaki. Biggest thing was changing output on the a little to balance better. Really glad you're finding them useful. I use them all the time myself - pretty much all I use apart from the occassional HDRi. I'm goint to update the ringflash too to be more useful. When I get some time :D
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