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Well, watchers, you've put me on your deviantWatch, but not much art worth a damn to be found anywhere around.
Well, I'm here to tell you you've been looking in the wrong place this entire time.

I somewhat actively upload sketches to THIS account: SketchMCreations
I sketch ponies, and I upload 'em there. Sometimes I make a vector, sometimes I craft things. Basic point is, there's art, so redirect your attention from here to there.

If you came to my page expecting quality art, just shuffle on over to the aforementioned account and find out what you've been missing.
Otherwise, have a nice day.
~ SecminourTheThird, AKA JustinKWork SketchMCreations, signing off!
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The phases of a person's life are like the incarnations of a timelord.
You take on differing personas all throughout your life, some of which you cherish, some of which you were particularly odd in,
and some of which you wish to forget.
You also create a unique look for yourself within each persona; whether it be a small change or a large one.
And in the end, your clock is ticking, and when the time comes, you'll be out of new lives to live.


'Round the clock, wind the gears,
it's been going for 50 years.
A wrinkled face comes anew;
sparks the question, "Doctor Who?"

But our tale here is not quite done;
all good books have a long run.
In closes the page we all always dread;
the very last page, to where the story is led.

Eleven's hour is done, twelve's is at hand
But will the TARDIS safely land?
The last chapter, it now stands by the door
our story soon ends in the fields of Trenzalore.


No two lives are ever the same
A promise you make, that is your name
However it goes, just take your route
Because eventually, your time runs out

And when the clock strikes Twelve, you'll see
That everything ends eventually
One story ends, another begins
You'll have your losses, and also your wins

A life is of value that cannot be matched
Mistakes in your life, you can't possibly patch
So make a life worth it, do not waste your time
Enjoy while it lasts, I'm sure you'll be fine.
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Advertisements with sounds.

The most it does is startle me. 
I don't care about these flippin' ads, or what they're advertising.
They can be there for all I care, as long as they stay quiet.

Seen, but not heard.
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So, today, I got back into Animal Crossing: City Folk.
Given how long it's been since my last visit to Craftlan, I expected pure disaster and pandemonium.
[Insert Sharknado-caliber disaster here]
It wasn't actually that bad.
There were weeds everywhere, but what got me most was that I caught Apollo in the act of moving out.
I enter his house, he's got his things packed. He was one of my favorite villagers, after Amelia and Mitzi.
I sincerely hope he gets a good replacement...

Well, it's time to revitalize the town now...for the second time.
I should really get New Leaf this Christmas, since it'd be easier to keep up on my days in town.

~SecminourTheThird, signing off!
P.S. This was pretty much written so I had a new journal up. 
For the most part, I won't be uploading art to this account anymore, only my second account.
If you guys, whoever may be reading this, want to know what the account is, just tell me in the comments.
I need to know if you guys really care enough to know.
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It's taken longer than it should have, 
but my PokeMinecraft Mystery Dungeon 2 texture/resource pack has finally been updated to Minecraft 1.6!
Truth be told, it's been halfway done for a long time now.
Thank procrastination for that. Also, life. 
As a gift to make up for the long wait, Command Blocks have a shiny new texture! Brand new, right out of the box. It's animated as well.
A simple animation, but an animation. 

Also, because of Planet Minecraft's relatively poor servers, only a File Mirror download is available. 
Curse those servers...
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So, red roses will no longer exist, apparently. 

My reaction?


If the original 'stone' wood slabs could survive the new wood slab updates, I figure the roses can as well.
With this as the background music, from 2:30 onwards:

The ending of Portal 2. Chell is standing outside the shack in the wheat field, with her companion cube.
Camera rolls back, and we see the back of a familiar schizophrenic man. He watches Chell as she looks around.
As Chell goes to pick up the cube to carry it along, the man backs back into the shed. Camera cut to him riding the elevator down. 
Final, panning shots of the facility, Atlas and P-Body testing, and of course, GLaDOS. Elevator can be seen passing by in the background of each scene.
Elevator reaches a secret room and stops. Man gets off of elevator and walks up to a desk at the end of the room, where there's a computer.
He clicks it on, and security footage of Chell and Wheatley plays as the man sits back, and gently smiles. Fade to black.  

If anyone reading this is a skilled Source Filmmaker, take this idea if you wish. I would enjoy seeing it in action, made by the hands of a good source filmmaker user. 
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I am a sad panda right now.
One of my favorite Minecraft mods has finally been updated to Minecraft 1.6. 
But it requires a mod-loader type of mod, specifically LiteLoader. 
But when I try to run the installer, my computer claims the installer does not exist and then deletes it afterwards. 
This just feels like a big punch in the face. 
Now, I've never been able to properly use a mod-loader type of thing before. 
But this? 
I...this still just feels like a big punch in the face. 
If anyone can help with this, it would be greatly appreciated. 
~ SecminourTheThird, sadly signing off...
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Wibbly wobbly timey wimey. 
Gotta keep shifting those journals. 
No real significance here,
~ SecminourTheThird signing off!
:icontenthdoctorplz::icontardisplz: be specific, this moment was in Team Fortress 2, on Mann Vs. Machine.

Perfect teamwork, 
+100 kill streak, (That particular server kept track)
and in the end, we almost got beaten at the doorstep of victory by a single robo-Scout,
but he was taken down with one swift shot from my revenge crit-boosted Frontier Justice. 
That sucker was right there at the hatch, too. Bomb in hand, or rather, on back. We were an inch away from defeat while also an inch away from victory,
and one fateful shot from my gun saved us all. 

That moment when things go perfectly.
There isn't a better feeling in the world, regardless of the situation.
~ SecminourTheThird

:iconengineerplz::iconsays3plz: Yeah!
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Before commenting on something on the internet, if it has a description, READ IT.
Youtube videos,
Steam Workshop posts, 
DeviantART pictures,
and so on. 

Reading is good for you, and in this case, can save a lot of people from going on an unnecessary ragefest. 

The moral of this story is:

~ SecminourTheThird
Back again, finally on a stable internet connection. 

I need a shower. 
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I'll be on a hiatus from...being here for a while, as I am moving very soon. So, the internet's going to go away.
Until then, see you later!

~ SecminourTheThird
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I have been doing SOME art, but it's not the kind of art I should upload here.

And NO, it's not 'mature' art. Get your head out of the gutter.
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So far, this game has been pretty easy.
I've been taking it for granted, a bit, while playing.
Then came Kilionea Road.

EDIT: Ages later, I find that Companion Mode can save your life in this kind of situation. THAT would've been nice to know earlier.
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Well, I just came back from a trip. Left Friday morning, came back late Saturday.

On the way there, I played the heck outta Pokemon White 2 on the PWT.
I beat the Hoenn and Sinnoh leages in one sitting.
I guess going on a trip improved my odds in a way,somehow.
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Whenever I'm making portal 2 maps in Hammer, and the program derps out to the point where when I run it, the latest changes I've made don't apply in-game, I copy everything into a new map file and rewrite the name in all caps and only letters. (Example: Time Mishap - ed2 translates to TIMEMISHAPEDITIONTWO.)

I may have the same craziness Cave Johnson was inflicted with from his mercury poisoning.
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Packing up for another moving trip in a couple of weeks. Put up a picture of Cave Johnson in my room to brighten up the place a little.
It certainly does make me feel better.
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Holy mother of companion cubes.…
Apparently, Valve updated the Steam Workshop to have A LOT more search filters.
Look at all the potential.
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