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GMOD - End of Cipher (Hunt) by SecminourTheThird GMOD - End of Cipher (Hunt) by SecminourTheThird
So, to those unaware, after the last episode of Gravity Falls a hunt was set to find the petrified form of Bill, his statue, somewhere in the real world. And just two days ago, it was found. You can read about the process of the hunt here;…

Still, that's quite amazing, how far Alex Hirsch took things with this show. And the components of the hunt are part of the reason why I love puzzles. Now, of course, I didn't take part in the hunt, and in fact only found out that it was over by an incidental trip to Reddit a while earlier. It's still quite amazing seeing all the components of the riddle and how people solved them; I had a Cipher hunt of my own going on in my Mystery Shack map for Gmod, though you wouldn't be aware that that was what it was for, as in the map you have to find all the end pages from the ends of the Season 2 episodes and assemble them in Ford's study. So to anyone here who hasn't solved or has been trying to solve the puzzle without spoilers, well, you just got spoilered because you took too long.

Regardless, here's this image from me congratulating the people who participated in the real life #CipherHunt and making fun of the people who had trouble with my smaller-scale page hunt. For the latter people, remind me to never have you on my scavenger hunt team. ...the magnificence of the CipherHunt puzzle now makes me want to make a big new puzzle of my own. I love puzzles.

And if you're one of the people still looking for all the pages in my map even after I just spoilered everything to you, no, I'm not gonna tell you where they're hidden in the map. Use the hints on the workshop discussion post.
Rootofalllight Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2016
Just so you know, the statue is in front of the police station just outside the building. Mainly due to a property dispute. Don't worry you can still take pictures in front of it.
SecminourTheThird Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm well aware, I read about it on Reddit and Twitter.

I live like one state away, though, and I don't find travelling all that way north worth it to take a picture with a statue.
Still think it's cool, though.
Rootofalllight Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2016
Oh well.
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