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Map - New Donk City by SecminourTheThird Map - New Donk City :iconsecminourthethird:SecminourTheThird 45 21 Map - City 17 Train Station (Minecraft version) by SecminourTheThird Map - City 17 Train Station (Minecraft version) :iconsecminourthethird:SecminourTheThird 8 1 Map - City 17 Plaza (Minecraft version) by SecminourTheThird Map - City 17 Plaza (Minecraft version) :iconsecminourthethird:SecminourTheThird 8 0 Map - Temple of Time (Breath of the Wild version) by SecminourTheThird Map - Temple of Time (Breath of the Wild version) :iconsecminourthethird:SecminourTheThird 20 4 Map - Goyle Gardens by SecminourTheThird Map - Goyle Gardens :iconsecminourthethird:SecminourTheThird 25 3 Map - Po Town by SecminourTheThird Map - Po Town :iconsecminourthethird:SecminourTheThird 24 1 Map - The Excess Express by SecminourTheThird Map - The Excess Express :iconsecminourthethird:SecminourTheThird 30 2 Map - Old Clockworks (Unfinished) by SecminourTheThird Map - Old Clockworks (Unfinished) :iconsecminourthethird:SecminourTheThird 18 7 Map - Sneak Thief (Home Invasion level) by SecminourTheThird Map - Sneak Thief (Home Invasion level) :iconsecminourthethird:SecminourTheThird 16 0 Map - Job Simulator (Convenience Store level) by SecminourTheThird Map - Job Simulator (Convenience Store level) :iconsecminourthethird:SecminourTheThird 28 10 Map - Cutthroat Kitchen by SecminourTheThird Map - Cutthroat Kitchen :iconsecminourthethird:SecminourTheThird 19 6 GMOD - Secret Location by SecminourTheThird GMOD - Secret Location :iconsecminourthethird:SecminourTheThird 0 0 GMOD - Echo by SecminourTheThird GMOD - Echo :iconsecminourthethird:SecminourTheThird 1 0 GMOD - End of Cipher (Hunt) by SecminourTheThird GMOD - End of Cipher (Hunt) :iconsecminourthethird:SecminourTheThird 7 3 GMOD - Go or Stop and Think by SecminourTheThird GMOD - Go or Stop and Think :iconsecminourthethird:SecminourTheThird 1 0 GMOD - Opinions, Mate by SecminourTheThird GMOD - Opinions, Mate :iconsecminourthethird:SecminourTheThird 2 0


Christmas Silverstream by hotsun6392 Christmas Silverstream :iconhotsun6392:hotsun6392 67 5 Nightmare Moon - searching eyes by Floverale-Hellewen Nightmare Moon - searching eyes :iconfloverale-hellewen:Floverale-Hellewen 60 3 Sisters rivalry (Color sketch) by Yakovlev-vad Sisters rivalry (Color sketch) :iconyakovlev-vad:Yakovlev-vad 580 40 The Tug Test by bobthedalek The Tug Test :iconbobthedalek:bobthedalek 149 15 Filly Delta by ShinodaGE Filly Delta :iconshinodage:ShinodaGE 235 19 Comm: Is that... by LiaAqila Comm: Is that... :iconliaaqila:LiaAqila 96 33 The Sketch Of PinkieDash! by LiaAqila The Sketch Of PinkieDash! :iconliaaqila:LiaAqila 125 44 I am Mad Scientist. by luminaura I am Mad Scientist. :iconluminaura:luminaura 249 20 They Say Aim High by InuHoshi-to-DarkPen They Say Aim High :iconinuhoshi-to-darkpen:InuHoshi-to-DarkPen 230 7 Upbeat by QueenCold Upbeat :iconqueencold:QueenCold 73 12 Collab 2 by Hunternif Collab 2 :iconhunternif:Hunternif 170 20 Comm: Skipping Together by LiaAqila Comm: Skipping Together :iconliaaqila:LiaAqila 77 31 Skipping Through a Silent Night by InuHoshi-to-DarkPen Skipping Through a Silent Night :iconinuhoshi-to-darkpen:InuHoshi-to-DarkPen 323 11 Commission: Fixing the Paradox by Lucy-tan Commission: Fixing the Paradox :iconlucy-tan:Lucy-tan 90 7 could you NOT by Mickeymonster could you NOT :iconmickeymonster:Mickeymonster 211 11 Apodance by ShinodaGE Apodance :iconshinodage:ShinodaGE 452 37



Chither T. Moundries
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Honestly, I could sleep beneath my desk.
I like art, and I like video games. Put simply. I'm also a brony, and if you have a problem with that,
Deal With It Discord by TomDanTheRock

Also Known As SketchMCreations

Credit for my '2-D' custom personality core pictures,or at least the bases,to Eniotna: and credit for the '3-D' models of the cores,again,their bases,goes to the Portal Unofficial Wiki.…

The only type of art you'll find on this account is Garry's Mod scenes.

Friend Codes -- Feel free to send me yours for the following:
3DS Friend Code - 4296-3312-2947 [] Justin
Animal Crossing: City Folk Friend Code - 2967-5229-8883 [] Craftlan, Justin
Animal Crossing: New Leaf Dream Address - 4D00-0014-26CA [] Craftlan
Pokemon White 1 - 3740-4160-2917 [] Jon
Pokemon White 2 - 3354-1885-8727 [] Justin
=== STEAM COMMUNITY @ Anachronistic ALLOS ===
Do you know what a dial is?

Mysterious Link of Mystery
Minecraft: Chive_Mounds
I am the creator of the following plz accounts:
I only manage the first one myself, though.


Deviants contributed to:
:iconnintendrawer: - Food For Fail comic desktop
:iconeniotna: - Personality Core bases, Brand New Paper Mario
:iconlockrikard: - Made several requests.

i dont write journals anymore because nobody wants to listen to my stupid rambling

Coco Pommel by Rangaku
Coco Pommel Fan Button by AndresToons
DasBoSchitt Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Well, watchers, you've put me on your deviantWatch, but not much art worth a damn to be found anywhere around.
Well, I'm here to tell you you've been looking in the wrong place this entire time.

I somewhat actively upload sketches to THIS account: SketchMCreations
I sketch ponies, and I upload 'em there. Sometimes I make a vector, sometimes I craft things. Basic point is, there's art, so redirect your attention from here to there.

If you came to my page expecting quality art, just shuffle on over to the aforementioned account and find out what you've been missing.
Otherwise, have a nice day.
~ SecminourTheThird, AKA JustinKWork SketchMCreations, signing off!
  • Listening to: What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me (Megustapony)
  • Reading: My own words
  • Watching: MarkiplierGAME
  • Playing: Minecraft
  • Drinking: Milk


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Bmaster4114 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the fave ^^
PrawnBoy101 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2018
Are you up for GMod/SFM map commissions? Because your New Donk City map is top notch! I'd love for you to make an arcade map using the Overwatch Arcade assets from here:…

Lemme know if you're interested~
SecminourTheThird Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The idea intrigues me a tad, I'll give you that.

I do take map suggestions if you support me on Ko-Fi; no outright guarantee of map perfection, but if you're still interested, you can still give me as many coffees as you are willing.
Darkmonstr20001 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2018
hey there
SecminourTheThird Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Darkmonstr20001 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2018
SecminourTheThird Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You don't need to greet me daily, we're not neighbors or anything.
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Shafty817 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
Ok, I'll Stop.
SecminourTheThird Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You need to stop. is not for these kinds of things. 
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