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Skarab - Mars Rover - Front

By Secap
This is a Concept of a Mars Rover i made for a VW contest, about a year ago.

Since it was made in a hurry to meet the deadline, the renders were awful so i decided to retexture and make some new renders for deviantart; and since the contest is no more,  i changed the VW logos with mine ;).

The vehicle design was inspired from a scarab/bug/beetle (since it was a VW contest) and the styling design was made to match the brand cues.
Its doors open in a gullwing fashion, but at the same time rotate in order to face backwards when fully opened, giving the impression of a beetle when opens its back to raise the wings.
For propulsion, the vehicle uses electric motors placed inside the pods on the hubless wheels which are fed by nuclear batteries, and each wheel is able to turn, to help improve the turning radius.
The Skarab has a rear external cargo area, and the suspension consists of a torsion bar system.

Details of the Work:
The model was made in Rhinoceros 4.0 and rendered in Keyshot . Postproduction of the logo and disclaimer made in Photoshop.

Hope you Like it!
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© 2016 - 2021 Secap
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This one looks like it would be tons of fun to drive.

Also, Mars camouflage!

Secap's avatar

jajajaj never thought of the mars camouflage jajajaja XP

Heretic1311's avatar

So you made MArs camouflage purely on coincidence?

That´s what i call talented Thumbs Up

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It looks like the one vehicle from Rocket League o:
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19 likes so far and 1 share :)
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Very nice concept. You should submit it to our "Mars One - Human Settlement of Mars" FB page for others to appreciate it. May I share it?
Secap's avatar
Thanx!:D (Big Grin) 
Of course you can share it i´ll be glad to see it there:) (Smile) .
Tell me if you do so i can give it a like and the page too!
Lynxette79's avatar
Nice! It's so cute. If I were selected as an astronaut to visit Mars, I'd definitely would order a personal one to roam on the Red planet. Anyway, I shared it at…
Thank you! Wish you inspiration.
AlesFerrari's avatar
Copioooonnn!!! Le pusiste el color naranja de mi vw y fondo!! jajajajaja!! Quedo muy bueno seba ponele fondo! :P:P:P
Secap's avatar
jajajajaaj amnesicoooooo jajajaj XP ya era naranja para el concurso!
Si le cambie las llantas de negro a naranja y saque el naranja de la cubierta, quedaba horribleMeow :3 
jajajaj si quedaron parecidos no lo habia notado pero es logico...son dos escarabajos no?
Este finde se suben las imagenes sobre will seeee8-) (Cool)
PD: cuando subis el DIVO?Wink/Razz 
melkorius's avatar
Fantastic concept! Do you going to make a render with a background on mars?
Secap's avatar
Glad you liked it!! and yes, in fact i'm trying to finish them this weekend so i'll give you a shout once i submit them!OMG MOAR POEMS! 
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very nice work !

regards Bernd
Secap's avatar
I'm really glad you liked it!=) (Smile)
Bernd-Haier's avatar
you are welcome ;)

regards Bernd
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