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Lego Cosmic Fleet Voyager $1

My new creation : A render of the Lego 6985 set : Cosmic Fleet Voyager

Assembled in Catia
Arranged and Rendered in 3dsmax
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1920x1200px 1.52 MB
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man that brings back memories
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Proud to achieve this !
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you can't buy those kind of lego's anymore :P
sebwouaib's avatar
I have still my set ^^
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although I think I have to retracted my statmet I talked to a lego person and he showed me some site that you can buy the original legos at original prices.
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I thought that was the real set... my mind has been blown
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Great, I see you have Lego logo on studs now :)
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Yes ^^ almost the point of view and zoom do not show them good ;)
RBL-M1A2Tanker's avatar
Such a classic ship...why won't they just sell updated versions of the classic sets?!?
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Someone have done an update for this one :
RBL-M1A2Tanker's avatar
Good grief...I want! Lego, HIRE THIS MAN!
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i have these figures but no spaceship :c but btw nice photo!
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So there was actually living room in those old big ships? I wouldn't've guessed...
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I love the pods. Can it by chance detach into 3 sections like the galactic mediator (space police II)?

That way you can drop off the science bay on uncharted planets ^^;
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Yes it is made of two parts that can be detached.
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Awesome <<; I never seen this ship before.. I saw the seem and thought hey!

Very cool great job ^^
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Brilliant model ! I remember that these sci-fi models were the ones I wanted the most :D I think I carried the LEGO magazine with the sets everywhere I could.
A scene render replicating the box shot would be totally awesome with this model !
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Thanks !
Effectively I am thinking of new shots of this model. The box one is a good idea ;)
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