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Lego 4993 render $2

Lego 4993 Cool Convertible #2/2

CATIA assembly
3dsmax render
Gimp manipulation

Interactive version here : [link]

Feel free to comment !
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that's not how lego goes on the Windsheild.. Can't it be a lego Windsheild like on the back thing.. you see a Black lego peice on the back of the car seat. I want you to do it on the front or Unless you use Lego glass ramps and put it in the car.
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Not sure to well understand your request but I have modeled the car as the IRL model.
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It's Supposed to be understandable i wont even notice you can't. But that's okay. You can work on the car.
remmember. Legos don't float.. Connect brick to brick possible.</b>
If not you can go to LEgo Digitial Designer for free! but not good quality but it's old-School Graphics!
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ok I have understood.
The preview image do not show it clearly but the bricks of the windshield are not floating in the air but they are connected with "LEGO Black Hinge Plate 1x4 74011". You can see them if you watch to the original size image.
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well at least you try to make a good car.. because idk how.
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As a LEGO fan, CGI enthusiast and Pro|Engineer user I must say your work is really cool! Is the beveling between pieces "real" geometry or a bump map?
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Thanks for comment
the beveling is a fake shader and it does some mistakes...
I am working on a better way to do it.
Stay tuned
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I haven't experiment much with shaders, not having access to a full implementation of Mental Ray... At the end of the day I modeled all the bevels in geometry :) Awful lots of polygons :D
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I think it's finally the better way ;)
I'm working on the 6985 Cosmic Fleet Voyager you've already done... it remains the lego writings ^^
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