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Guilded Age Test Page

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This was my "audition" test page for the job of Guilded Age's new artist! Spent a whopping 13 hours on this thing, which his probably too much.
But it was still fun and exciting to work on a yet unpublished episode!

It's a good thing that they chose this far better guy instead. I love all the differences and similarities that come out between different artists working on the same script.
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Well... I hold mixed feelings about the two pages... John's page is much more detailed, since he is pretty skilled. But I like the colouring on this one better... and your panel 2 and 4 are better than John's, and you haven't messed up the characters' expressions and "canon" looks... Still, I have to tell you, that your style resembles yourself, while trying to be Erica-ish... I don't know... I wouldn't mind, if it were you, whom have been chosen to be the new artist for GA, though you yourself should have need the time to evolve into your new role. I am a little afraid about the other one... I fear, that he won't adapt to the comics.