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Meth Hamsters

Pretty sure these hamsters get their meth from Heisenberg.

Also, I've never done meth. But my cartoon characters have. So I feel I can speak with a degree of authority on this subject.

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Canon MP480 series
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I love this! Especially cause my wee syrian hamster is called Heisenberg :3 
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omg :iconlovely9727855: this is AWESOME!!!! hahahahahahaha :dignity-laugh: 
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LOLOLOLOLOL :dignity-laugh: Dignity Laugh :dignitylaugh: Dignitysaur  By Mamaelm 
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That quote seems about right :D 
EmmetEarwax's avatar
I doubt if FDR ever made that ENTIRE statement, incl. hamsters and meth....
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Needs more views...
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I love your comics! Great witticism.
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You sure they didn't get it from a Badger?
I heard he's got the lowdown on dat Heisenberg blue sky crystal.
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i love this so hardcore
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Ha, awesome.
sebaselciclon's avatar
xDDD Well, if your own cartoon characters dont give you the autority to speak on a certain subject, then nothing will!
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The blue meth, I'm proud to say that I actualy get the Heisenberg referenc.
SilverMoonRising's avatar
Yeah, that is definitely a real quote. :D Thanks for making me giggle. :hug:
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"Pretty sure these hamsters get their meth from Heisenberg."
...there's some uncertainty about that. :iconthinkplz:

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really?! maybe Tuco?
Mindslave24-7's avatar
Unless Bunny has invented a probability controller.... :fear:
:iconthinkplz:(You never know with Bunny.)
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