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Made of Light

By sebreg
I'm made of light! Are you made of light?!

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GrubCloud's avatar
Ah you have that problem of spontaneously splitting in half too? :D I thought I was the only one!
MaidenofIron157's avatar
I'm made out of light, but its all green and squishy. Light isn't suppose to be squishy, is it?
AllHailWeegee's avatar
Nah: made of dark. :T Sorry!
dragonflyfire8's avatar
omfg!! :XD: i loled soo hard!
RampantWolff's avatar
No, I'm made of sound!
sebreg's avatar
that is unpossible! You are light you are light!!!!
RampantWolff's avatar
It's very ununpossible. You cannot see me - only hear me!!!
Lief-the-Lucky's avatar
Oh man, I love how simplistic this is! Really shows your talent, even with seemingly basic drawings, you can make it interesting.
sebreg's avatar
why thank you so much!!!
thiagocaleal's avatar
There's a light inside us all, that's for sure.
sebreg's avatar
mine is a crazy powerful dangerous laser beam ;)
makie-strife's avatar
Me? I'm made of lighting and thunder X)
but your light is kinda of cool too, I mean, for a normal person that's good :)
sebreg's avatar
NekoLati's avatar
Just simple and genious <3
sebreg's avatar
awww you are too kind!
NekoLati's avatar
You're welcome, I love your art! :D
Laura-Skeff's avatar
OH MY GOSH! hahahaha,that's dark!
sebreg's avatar
hopefuly not too dark ;)
AK-Is-Harmless's avatar
Looks like a simple enough procedure. :nod:

sebreg's avatar
heck yeah insurance usually covers it
paulares13's avatar
yey, i am going to try this with my sister, I wonder what colors will appear!
sebreg's avatar
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