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Kiwi Fruit Stack

Kiwi birds are always up to weird shit.

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Canon MP480 series
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the logic is flawless
Jazminian9's avatar
Yo dawg I heard you like kiwi XD
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I have a kiwi in my head. His name is Peewee, the highly epic miniature Demon Kiwi. Half a foot tall, half a pound, brownish red, red eyed, with a penchant for interesting outfits and randomness on a level above epic. :iconkiwibird: He's always there, even when you can't see him. *Peewee jumps onto my shoulder, wagging his tail feathers* And stacking fruit on his head seems like something he'd do. *Peewee nods, still wagging his tail feathers*
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Mununga11's avatar
then i am a kiwi.
sebaselciclon's avatar
He is kiwiing up... I guess.

Nope, its just wierd.
TophatViking's avatar
How else does it get them home from the shop? Poor thing got no arms!
alekko7's avatar
tehehe hehehe that made me chuckle :3
GryffindorGurl's avatar
26 kiwis must be SOME kind of record... no? Really? ...ok
dragonpixies's avatar
I love this kiwi bird kick you're on. Kiwi birds are awesome.
A-and-S-Studios's avatar
I think someone's replaced bunny...
Saraneth-the-Binder's avatar
Lol! I love kiwi! Both kinds, so I'm probably going to have to get one of these!
RainingWolfs's avatar
This is really cute :3 I love it *faves*
SallysHorrorShow's avatar
BatmanWithBunnyEars's avatar
Expecting deep, pretentious symbolism. Got hilarious gag instead. Awesome.
LittleNiceCasoGirl's avatar
I loooove kiwi birds! And this is funny! =)
polenya's avatar
awesome birds are awesome
and yummy fruit are too X3
Husky-21's avatar
Aww, I love kiwi's the bird is cute and the fruit is jummie!
(I'm allergic to them but I keep on eating them XD )
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