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Cat Dragon Flying Over Flower Field

Hero Princess Bear is on one of the wings, picking flowers :)…
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Such a nice and striking composition! You can really feel the weight of that turn the cat dragon is doing in flight. Lovely work! :heart:
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thanks so much! I had fun drawing this one, I'd like to do another version of the cat dragon flying through a desert rock archway (I live in the US southwest so that is part of the reason!). Still trying to figure that one out.
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hello there, new wallpaper <3
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haha thank you, glad you like this one!
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ha, me too!!!
lagenerala's avatar
i love your dragon cats... 
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thanks so much, I really do enjoy drawing that creature :)
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This one is magestic!
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I can imagine seeing the pollen on their big black furr coat for weeks.
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ohhhh, that's a great idea for a drawing! it'd be fun to try to draw that
SkylaComics's avatar
Ah so gorgeous! I love the colour, it's so vibrant :) I also like the view through the leaves too!

Your cat dragons are so great, I will never get sick of seeing them ^_^
sebreg's avatar
awww, thank you!!! 
Mindslave24-7's avatar
looking for spirit bears.....

(and some tasty merbears)
sebreg's avatar
ha! I didn't sneak in any spirit bears but I did include a few little cat bees :)
Mindslave24-7's avatar
:shh: "one must Sweet honey? I'm on my way! -lieve."
Gryffgirl's avatar
Beautiful, but I would need plenty of allergy medicine with that pollen count!
sebreg's avatar
thank you! ah yes hazmat suits are sometimes necessary so that we can more freely enjoy nature's charms! 
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Oh my, I admire this one. Inside your head must be a beautiful place, Sebastien.
sebreg's avatar
you are too kind my friend! thank you so much. I'd love to keep working at the illustrative pieces and styles, always challenging. Sometimes they work out sometimes they don't but that's the nature of any creative endeavor! 
BillyAustria's avatar
It really is, you're welcome :)
Cruxisma's avatar
This is lovely! :]
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thanks so much! 
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