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Cat Dragon Desert Scene


A little homage to Looney Tunes (and of course Cat Dragon looks like Toothless!). Can you guess who I rooted for in those cartoons ;) and nice to see Wile E. Coyote finally upgraded to some proper tech!…

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A few minutes later the Bunny Dragon stopped near the edge of a cliff and Wile E. Coyote fell down. An all to familiar way of studying gravity, that Wile is quite knowledgeable in.
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always loved the meep meep!
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Haha poor road runner :)
Great colours!
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thank you!!!
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Those Acme megacredits do come in handy!

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heck yeah, takes a while to save up though for the deluxe acme cat dragon model!
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This is a really well drawn scene, everything is portrayed super well! Also GO ROAD RUNNER!
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thanks so much!
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You depict speed really well, I love the bendy cacti :D For a moment I was wondering how that right wing had gotten through the arch, but then I saw just how sharp this dragon is :D Savage!
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haha thank you! yes that part was actually a bit tricky for me to draw, cat dragon wings have the strength of some type of superior steel like material!
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I thought that was toothless from how to train your dragon lol
Great art tho
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thank you, yeah it's true it looks very close to Toothless!
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This is adorable! :giggle: I love Looney Tunes!
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thank you! Looney Tunes is my fav as well :)
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Awesome job :3
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