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Cat Dragon

"Cat Dragon" I drew this design with the intent of doing tshirts. I do want to keep trying to play around with black/white drawings from time to time :) oh and yes yes high degree Toothless-feel with this one of course. Drawing cat dragon in black/white style def heightens the resemblance! Shirts available here:…
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Ah, hahaha! Super super cuteee!!! :heart:
thelonelotl's avatar
Both cool and adorable~
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Purrrr!!! Awesome :lovesquee: 
Musqux's avatar
Toothless, Are You? XD

( Just kidding; nice drawing :) )
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haha, I don't mind! I did just have to recognize that the resemblance is quite close. I try not to be too derivative when I can, but sometimes it happens!
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Cat Dragon is my spirit animal.
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yay!!! Cat Dragon will always watch over you :) 
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I love the face! awww~♥ :giggle:
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thanks so much! I like trying to make faces relatively simple with a few simple defining features. For some of these creatures I've been drawing I like making the eyes a certain way, it gives it a more "supernatural" feel maybe? 
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hahah nice one! I never thought of a name like that, I like it
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... looks like one of minds but in black 
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Dude, this is amazing, your a artistic genius
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you are too kind, thank you for your message!!! I def think I'm an artist. As for genius haha I wish! 
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thank you!!!!
Aetostheronin's avatar
Yes I will buy a shirt later on especially if the designs are anything like this.
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