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Order in Chaos Theme

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Having been rather busy the last few months I've been unable to work on the development of new Rainmeter desktop screens, so seeing as I finally had the time, this is what I came up with. The 'Order in Chaos' title is my attempt at summarizing the juxtaposition between the violent waves of the wallpaper image as compared to the clean and calming Rainmeter skins in the center of the screen.

For those who might want to replicate my theme, below are all elements that I used in the process:
 - Drizzle by ~fadeoffset for time and date
 - Flat & Blurry by ~satyajit00 for HDD and weather
 - Alli Anew by ~FionnT for the RSS feed (seems he updated the old skin and deleted the one I used - if you really want the old version, I'll be happy to share)
 - Pop Menu by ~filipbaotic for the subtle left-side launcher panel that folds out when clicked
 - Omnimo UI for the subtle battery indicator (of course not needed if you're on a desktop PC)
 - Glatt wallpaper by ~AidenDrew

Please notice:
I made this theme on my laptop which runs a 2K resolution, so if you decide to download my theme instead of building it up manually, please know that it might load entirely fucked up on your display. Aside from the positioning of the skins, I have also modified the code to fit my specific machine, so links to HDD's, weather codes, RSS and the 'Pop menu' are likely to either not show anything or not open their destinations when you click them. If this happens I am more than happy to help you modify the code but I would also suggest that you replace my version of the theme with the ones that I linked in the above list.

I just noticed that this theme was featured on!
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