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Personal abstract work.
Tempera, collage, type.
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This is really good!
Don-Pitayin's avatar
Fucking love this!
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I really love the color and texture in this piece. It's amazing!
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great mix of colors here, I like the abstractness. :)
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great peace of work!
sk8terpunk101's avatar
love the colors you use, man.
MischiefManaged's avatar
i really like this! lovely combination!
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θα εκανε πολυ ομορφο λογοτυπο!
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Εγώ βλέπω ένα φραουλοροδακινόμηλο...τι μου συμβαίνει γιατρέ?

Όμορφο :)
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Λέγεται συναισθησία η ασθένειά σας!
Μπερδεύετε τα χρώματα με τις γεύσεις..

Αλλά σ' αυτή τη περίπτωση μου άρεσε η παρατήρησή σας! :P
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Fantastiko!Ta xromata denoun thaumasia kai to style tis temperas to kanei akoma pio apithano!Great work!+fav
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Crazy work! i Like!
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yeah, cool shape, cool hue, best regards
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Thanks a lot! :)
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this is a masterpiece
i Love the color scheme and collaboration of all objects
keep it up

much love and respect
SeBDeSiGN's avatar
Thank you very much for your support! :)
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