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Pardon the self indulgence.
By that, I mean that I have been reading my old DA journals/art.

This deviantart is essentially a time capsule for my teenaged years. Life goes fast, and we grow. I guess we all used to be massive idiots at some point... and MAN do I wish I was better at handling my emotions.

I hate revisionism though. This will probably hurt me down the line, but as far as I remember, I only ever deleted ONE thing (which was a dangerous piece that I wish I never drew). I hope I'll be able to leave it that way. Hell, you can find my very first use of photoshop, I was 16.

This is an historical archive. And it's not always pretty.


- If you're my kid... I hope you're not too disappointed by who your dad was. As a point of reference, this was written when the first of you was a nearly imperceptible part of your mother.
- If, instead, you're an older, nearly senile version of me from the future with trouble with his memory seeking a specific piece of Nostalgia... one of the earliest recorded interaction you had with your wife is in the Draft section.
- If you consider yourself my enemy and for some unfathomable reason you wish to discredit me or whatever to the eyes of upstanding citizens everywhere... well, welcome to the all-you-can-eat-buffet.
- If you're an aspiring artist, I hope this page can motivate you by showing that even if you're a godawful wreck like me you can somehow make a living out of this.
LighttheChao Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2015  Student Digital Artist
The past is always a great place to look back to at time, even if certain times might not be the prettiest. For some reason, I always hypothetically hit myself on the head when I remember my past mistakes. In fact, those memories can either be so bad or so embarrassing, that it runs through my head at least 10 times before finally going away
Devonition Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2015   General Artist
amen to that...
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