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Pardon the self indulgence.
By that, I mean that I have been reading my old DA journals/art.

This deviantart is essentially a time capsule for my teenaged years. Life goes fast, and we grow. I guess we all used to be massive idiots at some point... and MAN do I wish I was better at handling my emotions.

I hate revisionism though. This will probably hurt me down the line, but as far as I remember, I only ever deleted ONE thing (which was a dangerous piece that I wish I never drew). I hope I'll be able to leave it that way. Hell, you can find my very first use of photoshop, I was 16.

This is an historical archive. And it's not always pretty.


- If you're my kid... I hope you're not too disappointed by who your dad was. As a point of reference, this was written when the first of you was a nearly imperceptible part of your mother.
- If, instead, you're an older, nearly senile version of me from the future with trouble with his memory seeking a specific piece of Nostalgia... one of the earliest recorded interaction you had with your wife is in the Draft section.
- If you consider yourself my enemy and for some unfathomable reason you wish to discredit me or whatever to the eyes of upstanding citizens everywhere... well, welcome to the all-you-can-eat-buffet.
- If you're an aspiring artist, I hope this page can motivate you by showing that even if you're a godawful wreck like me you can somehow make a living out of this.
Figured I might do an update...

I'm currently foraying into the wonderful world of Excel spreadsheets. I'm into production coordination in a mid/large-size studio. I'm enjoying it. Been a long time since I actually kinda wanted to get up and go to work. Definitively was at a point where flash animation was killing me slowly every day.

Basically doing "Babby's first programing". It's fun.

Also, getting married in a month.

Quite busy. Quite happy.

Goodbye everyone.
Pacific ocean, here I come.
... that working in the animation industry meant you stopped drawing?

Eating tweens day-in day-out KILLS you, man.

I recently opened my college sketchbook[b]s[/b] and WEPT. It's like that relatively talented me just went up and died at some point between 2008 and 2012 and I didin't even hear the bang.
Just changing the journal.

Started a small company, dunno what's gonna happen with that. Other news is that i got a job too.
Really, Québec?

You are drowning on sweet-and-salty. You've been in that puddle for so long that it caked and you can't even open your eyes. YET you keep asking for more! "Ram me in the ass, I beg you!" you plea to Charest. With a greasy smile he whisper in your ear that if you say another word, he'll fine you for 5000$ as he put on his favorite rusty nail cockring.

I hope you all get what you deserve. Keep on sucking your fleshy pacifier, but for fuck's sake, don't ask the rest of us to follow suit.

Students, find a way to keep on fighting the good fight. Have many 49 people groups of rainbow colored squares doing their shit all over the place if you need to!
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First, there was Toady. Having his life work being a publicly financed amazing game in continous progress.

Then, came Tim Shaeffer and his incredible kickstarter.

And now comes the third saint.
Brian Fargo and his Wasteland 2 kickstarter. 1 million in two days.
I got my collector edition ordered... what are you waiting for?…

This is the birth of a new era in videogaming,
The craddle song of a true democratic market...
The story of a product matured to the point of being an actual art form.
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I finally ordered a computer (individual pieces) in the first week of January.

I recieved it fairly early, luckily. Merely two weeks later.
However, my Corsair power supply was a defect (didin't pass the paperclip test).
So I had to ship it back to the manufacturer for replacement (30$+ of shipping)
Two weeks after that, I got my replacement part...

This is so much frikkin' bullshit.
My laptop is a dead thing doing it's best to keep on living, but I need this damn new machine to WORK.

(First World Problems, amirite?)
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It's all.

If anyone has a plug, or a commission, or something, now's the time.

-edit: Joined LinkedIn today.
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My gallery makes no fucking sense. The styles explorations are so random between the submission it actually looks like a pretty average "favorite gallery".
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Man, I'm such a lazy slob if there's nothing happening.

I miss being dragged left and right and being forced to do stuff all the time and still finding/stealing time for the more personnal stuff. For the last two years... I've just been a lazy fuck

I mean, unlike most of the poeple I know, money is not a big issue. I have simple requirements for life and can afford to live in a way I find agreable while still under the poverty line. It's so easy to just slob out in the status-quo...
... That fucking status-quo... however it's spelt.

Above all I mostly miss being jealous of the other cooler or better artists back in college and trying to better myself to compete with them... sigh
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Check it out

It's free, it's beautiful, it's 69 megs, and it's educative. It takes about 10 minutes to complete the game and by the end you might just have learnt something new.

Similar thing happened in Chile and many other places around the world.
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That was... unexpected.

Green Party got a seat,
The Bloc exploded, literally, there's nothing left of it... ... ... good fucking riddance
The NPD is stronger in Quebec than the Bloc was lately... or possibly even ever... and they were basically unheard of before.

Left wing is basically united against the already united right wing...


The elections were started because the Cuntservitors acted like nutjobs at the parliment and everyone was so pissed that they wanted 'em out.
And now they've got majority... what the holy fuck?

It's like being angry at your cat for shitting on your dinner table while you were eating. You scowl it, and that from now on you moved the litter box on the table and decorated it with gold trims.
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I think I'm finally out of it.

Christ that shit sucked.

Also I bought DeadSpace 2. Wow... thing is pretty damn good! I hadn't heard anything about it when it launched, so I kinda just figured it was meh... then I bought and realised the average critics are pretty sweet to it and that the game is much better than the first, which I enjoyed.

Zealot ftw. No ammo and getting gibbed in one or two hits? GLORIOUS! Giving a voice to Clarke was the best thing to happen to that franchise.
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Sup people.

Didin't spend time doing anything personnal lately. The end of november and the whole of december was pretty damn intense at work (reminded me of school, with only going back home to sleep). It starts again so soon, too...

Anyhow, hopefully I'll start doing something during the last days of "vacation".
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Oh my yes.
Apparently the comic sucks balls... but christ does the movie looks awesome, even if stupid. The casting? Gorgeous!
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What the fuck GAINAX?
Got very strong mixed feelings on that one. On one side, it's fucking awesome, and the other side, it's fucking horrible.

Either way, it's western-inspired visuals are interesting. Kinda reminescent of the big DeviantArt star that I keep forgetting his name. I'm pretty sure you guies know who I'm talking about.


Thanks Kydo, yes, I was talking about Bleedman.

And to set records straight... When I'm saying it's "horrible" I'm not meaning it in a "haha that's terrible" type of way. I'm meaning it in the "God this SUCKS" type of way. What I'm saying is that the show on a technical level is awesome, and what's it's TRYING to represent is a very interesting thing. I want to love it. The problem is that it's not being clever, it's being stupid, derivative and repetitve.

I'm just hoping it'll prove me wrong. There's GREAT potential for character devellopment. I'm just afraid because they're not giving hints of actually wanting to use that potential... it's the opposite, even.
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This is a very important public announcment message.

I was wrong*</b>
*oh so very wrong

So remember when I said that the Scott Pilgrim comics were disappointing?
I was wrong.

Here's the full story (don't worry it's short)

-Saw the movie
-Loved it
-Roomie order the comics
-He reads 'em first
-Can't stand it. He says the characters are unbelievable jerks.
-I pick up the first issues. Sees his point, and understand what he says. Extrapolating from his review, I understand what he means.
-I feel disappointed. Am vocal about it.
-Keep on reading the comic afterward, just to make sure.
-Discover it's just a classic case of my roomie's shortsightedness*. The comic owns, and unlike what he says, has a closure.
-Does a public apology (that's this, right now)

So bottomline is this: The movie's great, the comics are fucking amazing, and the game is okay. (Anamanaguchi's soundtrack is fucking ace tho.)

*For the curious. My roomate is a little glowing ball of pure hatred and sociopathy. It's incredibly easy for him to hate something first, and hold the grudge forever. In issue three, the comic hurt him, and he just got stuck on the feeling, tainting his views of the rest of the comic. He's normally a fairly reliable critic though.

So anyway... sorry?
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Lately, in a nutshell:

-Tried Borderland (PC), surprisingly good.
-Tried S.T.A.L.K.E.R call of prypiat, unforgivingly awesome
-Updated Dorf Fort, reading patch notes like "doctors will now stop picking up and dropping patients repeatedly" is hilarious
-Merure is going good, albeit slowly
-Work is "meh". Lots of job lately, good money and stuff. But it's so goddamned repetetive</b>.
-Akwardness on so many levels.
-Health issues
-The Expandables would have completly sucked was it not for the actors. So it's just pretty damn average thanks to them. If only it was at least deliciously bad...
-Ordered stuff for Malifaux [Zoraida's] and Infinity [Haqqislam] and truckload of gothic scenery.
-Dawn Of War 2 is more balanced than ever. And that's pretty cool. Curious about Retribution.
-Disappointed with the Scott Pilgrim comics. Everyone is either a complete jerk or useless. Wright did a goddamn good job improving it.
-Disappointed with the DeadPool comics. Deadpool is cool, but I can't stand every other characters. Painful reminder why I dislike superhero comics.
-Disappointed in roomate lack of patience in CaveStory
-Keep getting late at work (oh lookatthetimeigottagonaoactually)
-Confused as all hell. The aforementionned akwardness doesn't help at all.
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Particularly about the flak Scott Pilgrim is getting.

The main gripe is that there is no plot, the women is treated as a prize, no character devellopment, etc.


(edit: I'd quote alaska-sama but you just have to scroll down to see the comment)

Are people so retarded that even cinema critiques can't read past 1st degree?
Here's one of many analyses that should be painfully obvious:
The movie is essentially a gigantic metaphor about the fact that in love, you can't avoid being judged by the past experiences of the other? If you're not better than the previous lovers he/she dumped, what chance do you hold keeping him/her? Essentially, you gotta best them to even have a chance at love.

Are people too stupid to even know this?

According to people who'se job is to find such things, yes, yes it is a concept too complicated even for them.
Congratulation. You have explained to me the divorce rates.

tl;dr - Scott Pilgrim VS The World is great, go see it.
On a sidenote, who wants to come play the game by the great Peter Robertson? It can play up to 4 players.

EDIT EDIT :… That guy understands what I'm saying.
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