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AT: 2 Demon Servants And A Broker by HinataFox790
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Void [Sebastian Michaelis x Reader]Tall flames fluttered on the soft blow of the wind and the shadows danced along on the walls, swirling between the painted flowers and ivy. It was difficult to focus your vision on any particular object, although you knew the room you were in perfectly well—you could clearly recall the location of the old furniture; heavy, wooden wardrobe right in front of you, the set of armchairs at your right with a small, round table in between and the enormous, magnificent painting of the landscape of some distant land hanging above. There was a dressing table at your left, the one you admired for a long time, often imagining that it could stand in your bedroom instead of the guest room, the addition so stunning and practical you almost felt the regret because of how useless it was there. Sometimes, when you had too much time for yourself, you would come to this room, sit down and observe yourself in the mirror, the design allowing you to see yourself from three different angles.It did not seem as much as an innocent fun now, that you realized that the mirror held no reflection. No candle light could reach the silver surface, as if it became empty all of a sudden, a portal to the different, dark world—a void.There was a thrill crawling down your spine like a cold, slippery serpent, spreading the fear through your veins and making you feel it deeply in every single part of your body. It was cool and unpleasant, reminding you of the sensation of standing at the edge of the high cliff with the wind blowing from behind. One step further and you would be falling down.How relieving would it be, to open your eyes and find yourself on an open field with the endless sea spreading in front of you instead of standing in the room which seemed to suffocate you, drain the light from every corner and devour your sanity with every passing second. The outline of the furniture was familiar and strange at the same time, as if it was reversed.As if you were captured in the mirror.“Took you long enough.” You knew the sound of the voice which echoed in the room, the velvety tone smooth and caressing your senses with the delicacy of a devoted lover.Still, you did not answer, eyeing your surroundings with a careful gaze, partly wary of what could you accidentally spot in the dim light. It was quite obvious that the source of the voice must have been coming from the right corner, perhaps from one of the armchairs but it all seemed to be covered with a thin, milk fog. Or could it be a veil dulling your sight.“Come closer,” the voice encouraged softly but with the following statement you could sense the droplet of venom sliding on the silver tongue. “I won’t bite you.”Your legs were working against your will when you took a step forward—a step over the edge—and stood straight, the breath caught in your lungs and rapid heartbeat in your chest. From that angle you could look at left, at the dressing table and notice that you, indeed, did not have any reflection either. Instead, there was only one thing vivid and clear as a day, the sharp, lean silhouette of a man sitting in an armchair. His neatly tailored suit was always so perfectly ironed, you wondered how could he never miss a single fold, how there was never a tiny bit of dust or hair on the black fabric, no matter how much did he work that particular day. How did he always smell so good, how there was never a drop of sweat upon his temples, how was he always so collected, how was he so skilled, how could he possibly be human.The answer struck you like a lightning when you woke up few weeks ago, your mind solving the mystery which was torturing you for months in your sleep. The riddle so difficult and unbelievable held the simplest answer—they always did.He was not.Sebastian Michaelis was not a human.“Cat got your tongue?” The creature, whatever it was, chuckled and only then you finally felt that you were, indeed, falling. You stepped over the cliff and you were falling down into the abyss, while his warm, red eyes were observing your misery with a glint of amusement. “Barely yesterday you were so eager to interrogate me that I believed you might have a list of questions to ask. Was I wrong? That is rather disappointing…”You could not speak a word, not while he was looking at you, not when you felt the weight of his gaze crushing your shoulders and the last remains of free will.Sebastian leaned forward and the movement of his body was so swift that it was hard to distinguish in between the dancing shadows caused by the flames. He could be one with them as well, the entity not caged in the frames of the flesh. He rested his elbows on the knees and smiled at you, now that you could see his pale features in the gentle light, and in every other situation you would probably consider this gesture as polite, right now, however, you could swear that you have never been as frightened in your whole life.“I thought that I made myself clear,” despite his expression, the tone of his voice became spiteful. “Following me would only bring you bad luck and look where did it get you? Are you satisfied now? I have to admit that you have a wit, indeed, but it would be cruel of me to speak of your advantages while you must be regretting using them, are you not? Did it occur your mind that perhaps it would be much better if you were not as observant? If you did not allow your intuition to guide you into the doom? What a shame that there is no coming back.”You wanted to scream when he stood from his seat, especially since you were certain that he has somehow became taller, like a tree branch spreading to the endless sky. There was no rustle of the fabric when he moved closer, no sound of steps on the carpet, just a shadow floating to you and the inhumanly wide smile sprawled across the creature’s mesmerizing face.The butler leaned to you, his nose mere inches from yours, the demonic eyes staring into yours and burning with violent excitement, with raw, bloody, carnivorous passion. In the next second he was whispering, his hot breath stinking of brimstone and mustiness.“You did not heed my warnings, so I guess I should make it clearer for your human brain.”
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Apparently .:Kuroshitsuji:. by ChibiArmin
RE:CW Ch.1 Pg.4 by Fuure
[Cover Art] Reverse Entropy: Chaotic World by Fuure
CH.1: Truce by Fuure
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Kuroshitsuji :: SOUL by yaocchi
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Kuroshitsuji - In Pink by Suzumeny-chan
Sebastian Michaelis by AkumaHarmony
Noah's Ark Circus-Chibi Chain by yuuyami-artist

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About this Group

Hello and welcome ~!
Please forgive the state the group is in right now, we are just starting out

This is a group dedicated to the remaining and new fans of the Phantomhive demon butler Sebastian Michaelis from the anime/manga Black Butler aka Kuroshitsuji. Fans of all kinds are welcome.

Like any group we have some rules for members to follow. Please read them over before joining

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Rules and Guidelines:

Pixel Rose - Black version by emoticonpixel Please read the folder names and try to submit to the right one
Pixel Rose - Black version by emoticonpixel All submissions must have or refer to Sebastian in them
Pixel Rose - Black version by emoticonpixel Be kind to and respectful of your fellow deviants (Fighting and bad behavior will not be tolerated)
Pixel Rose by Kakiwa NO haters, trolling, or flaming
Pixel Rose by Kakiwa No stolen or traced art. Bases are allowed
Pixel Rose by Kakiwa No hateful art. Anti-Oc and anti-canon are not permitted
Pixel Rose - White version by emoticonpixel All pairings are allowed (Including Yaoi, Hetero, 3 or more, Harem, Canon x Canon, Canon x Oc)
Pixel Rose - White version by emoticonpixel NSFW and mature art are allowed, as well as writings, as long as they follow DeviantART rules
Pixel Rose - White version by emoticonpixel X Readers are accepted too and other fanfiction

With all the chaos happening on DeviantART right now, I would like to make an announcement. For those of you who are staying and need some reassurance, this group will still be here and function as it always has, even with Eclipse. All of the groups run by me will remain open for anyone who are staying and would still like to be a community with us

*This is not meant as an insult to the protesters or the deviants who are leaving, that is your choice and I respect your cause. I want Da to stay the old site too, but I don't want to cause anymore tension. These are hard times

I know this group hasn't been open long and has been fairly quiet, but know that we are still here, and I hope you are still enjoying the group. :heart:
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