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Guard by wlop Guard :iconwlop:wlop 50,672 2,666
My Loved One [Yandere!Rivaille/Levi x Reader]chap2
In The Arms of My Loved One [Yandere!Rivaille/Levi x Reader]
Chapter 2 —— Hug
Wait, didn't he just say kill?... What? Is this another joke of him? Yeah, it must be...
"Aha... Levi Heichou... Isn't that a little intense?..." You asked sheepishly.
"Hmm?.. What are you saying? Aren't you happy?" He smiled innocently and whispered in your ear, "I just told you I love you. I can keep on repeating forever if it's what you wish... And didn't I tell you to call me Levi?"
"I-I-I am happy!! Really!! But, killing someone... it makes me feel kind of... creepy..." You turned back, scared to have said something wrong. But you only faced his smiling face.
"What are you saying? We've been killing titans for so many years..."
You sighed in relief, so he was talking about titans... However, you still feel doubt.
"I would kill as many as you wish, if it was for you, I could kill as many as there is..." He hugged you tightly. But so tight that you feel his whole presence crushing you, so tight
:icondarkness637:Darkness637 131 26
Noticed | Yandere!Kuroko Tetsuya
Kuroko enjoys being 'invisible'. It gives him a lot of privileges.
He's watched you smile, watched you converse, watched you walk, watched you undress, watched you sleep.
He's probably seen more of you than your parents, and more of you than your friends have even though they have had multiple sleepovers with you.
He knows that- he watched those sleepovers.
But now, the fact that it is so hard for him to be spotted is growing a heavy weight on the boy's shoulders. What is this use of all this knowledge, knowledge that makes him perfect for you in his twisted mind, if you've never even noticed him?
It must be your friends, they've distracted you too much.
So they die.
And then grief overwhelms you, choking you as your friends stay with you but in a supernatural media, you still don't show any signs that you recognise his existence.
He needs to kill grief now.
How do you kill grief?
Eventually, Kuroko follows his last resort- the final plan with some negative chances. A small smile resti
:iconjustabrokenspirit:JustABrokenSpirit 25 8
Please Be Careful - Kuroko x Reader
"Kuroko-kuuuun!" You whined, trying to catch your bestfriend's attention and away from the book he was reading, but he still wouldn't budge.
"What is it now, (last name)-san?" The sky blue haired basketball player asked, eyes still paying attention to his book. But it was clear that he was irked by you.
"You have been reading that book for an hour! Can we please hang out or something? We barely had time for together! You're always busy with basketball, at least take a break!" Pestering him to make him give in to your request.
"(Last name)-san, I am too busy right now and I still have practice later" Kuroko said with his expressionless face
You huffed in annoyance of how stubborn he was. "I'll treat you some Vanilla shake at Maji" You are a very persistent girl, and you would do as much as treat him to one of his favorites just to get his attention.
Well aside from having not much of a time to spend with your unnoticeable bestfriend, you actually have a crush on him since the first time
:iconmikukawaiihatsune:mikukawaiihatsune 90 7
Pyramid Head X Reader
"Why can't I get out of here?" you moaned as you walked down yet another desolate hallway. Since two days ago, you've been lost in Silent Hill. You were currently inside the School, walking aimlessly through the seemingly never-ending rooms and halls.
Just as you turned a corner, a large needler came crashing through the ceiling in front of you. You screamed as you ran back around the corner and fumbled around for your pocket knife. You found it just as the needler came around the corner, its claws dripping with blood. But before you could even move, a large hand smashed through the wall and quickly wrapped itself around the needlers neck. You shrunk back as the needler was choked by the hands owner, who seemed to have no problems with snapping necks. Just as the dead monster was dropped to the ground, another ripped through the ceiling above you. You screamed in pain as the needler landed on your back , its claws digging into your skin. you buckled under the monsters weight and hit th
:iconbloodofthetitan1:BloodoftheTitan1 257 61
Yandere!Kuroko Tetsuya x Reader
"Let me higher, get me higher. Moeru mi no atsusa wa. Nanto naku no kyou demo burnin' up, we love shinjite. Rock me baby, show me baby, misete kure motto. Ore to kimi to de tsukuri agerunda. Densetsu wo other self!" You sing happily.
"Oi, please don't sing that song, _." Your older brother, Daiki, complains. Your lips formed a pout that made Daiki roll his eyes. "That's not going to work. Why are even singing?"
"I get to go to basketball practice with u!" Your real intentions were hidden by that conceivable smile plastered on your face, making Daiki raise his eyebrow in suspicion. Even though Daiki wasn't the smartest, he is your older brother. He could see right through you.
"You want to see Tetsu." His blue eyes narrowed, as well as his brows. The thin line, known as his mouth, made a slow move, transforming it into a frown.
You knew your attempts to become a tsundere were futile, so you simply smiled your traditional smile.
"Heh, you saw right through me. Yep. I want to see Kuroko-s
:iconmcworld:MCWorld 15 1
Male Body V1.0  -11 by Maeglindark Male Body V1.0 -11 :iconmaeglindark:Maeglindark 19 2 Male Ball Joint Doll - Failed Project Number Two by AmethystArmor Male Ball Joint Doll - Failed Project Number Two :iconamethystarmor:AmethystArmor 5 1
Kuroko Tetsuya | Why?
Changing into loose fitting sweats and an old t-shirt, she folded her legs underneath her on the sofa. Kuroko slowly approached her, resting his hand on the crown of her head. "Are you... Are alright now?"
Eyes lacking of all life, she cast her gaze through the open window, looking at the moon which seemed bigger and brighter than it had ever before. At a loss for words, Kuroko kept quiet and watched her with clear blue eyes as she continued to stare outside. She tugged at her hairband before combing her hair back several times, causing the soft strands to fall over her face when she turned and dropped her head forward.
"No Tetsuya..." Her low voice is quiet and difficult to hear as she raises her eyes to meet his. "I'm not."
"It's okay." He said, offering a sad smile before taking a seat next to her. "Come here."
With her legs still folded, she leaned towards him until her face rested near the base of his ear, as if she was going to share a secret with him. She tilted her he
:iconyoshiina:yoshiina 41 6
Kuroko Tetsuya || Pissed Tetsu

a/n: just ignore the title i beg you

Spending the break time in class rather than in the cafeteria is what you always do, since the cafeteria is always crowded with students and you don't like crowded places. Even so, you're never alone. You had Kagami Taiga accompanying you and your low-presence expert boyfriend, Kuroko Tetsuya.
You were making jokes and laugh the air out of your lungs with Taiga while Tetsuya just watched and listened.
But then, two male students came inside and sat down just two chairs away from you.
    “Dude, yesterday, on my way back, I saw a guy from our school drink a vanilla milkshake." He said.
His two friends laughed, as if they found that amusing.
    "Only babies drink those." One of them muttered.
    "Yeah man." Another one agreed.
Your voice abruptly died when they said that. Your eyes turned to Taiga, who's staring at you too with wide eyes.
    "Oh dear." You m
:iconkarentakamiya:KarenTakamiya 23 5
Sebastian x Reader *lemon*
A/n: before I start this I just want to say that this is my first story, so that means this is also my first lemon, so if this turns out bad I'm so sorry. And also sorry it's long my imagination started to get into a lot of things, I do not own kuroshitsuji/ black butler or any of the charectors. :)
You are a new maid of the phantomhive house hold. You were taken in by the young master when he found you being assaulted by two drunk men on the street. The young master was a boy named ciel, no older than 12. He had bluish-gre yiss colored hair, he wore the clothes of a noble accompanied by a walking stick. His eyes were blue but had an eyepatch over his right eye. He said he hurt it in an accident, so I left it at that.
next to him was a very tall and handsome man. By the way he dressed with his black suit and tail coat you could only assume he was the butler. His raven black hair ,that just fell right on his face, went well with his crimson eyes. His name was sebastian.
but, since that
:iconphoenixheart14:Phoenixheart14 227 71
Sebastian X Reader - Demon fun
I wasn’t going to lie I was super excited to be working at the Phantomhive estate now. I thought it would be a lot of fun because I always helped my servants at my estate. My house was being renovated and since my butler knew Sebastian and had higher placing in the demon world Sebastian had to agree. I was the daughter of Lucifer after all, so he had to listen.
So in a house full of demons to only one other one was a huge change but I was excited about that. Dad kept a lot of demons to look after me. My butler, Zero, was my best friend more than a butler. They were all my friends more than servants because I got to know them and helped them with their work, so I hoped to do the same at the Phantomhive estate, even though I was actually a guest.
I was now set up in my room and then went outside to see the garden. It was so beautiful. It had many different flowers that were taken care of so perfectly as were the hedges. They even had my favorite flower (Favorite flower). I smiled.
:icontheravengirl95:TheRavenGirl95 241 39
Sebastian x Reader - New Maid, You're Beautiful
You lived on the streets of London, everyday just wandering around behind bakeries and shops looking for ways to find food and get by as best you could. The alleyway is where you slept at night with a small black neighborhood cat you decided to keep with you. You two became best friends. He was all you had left.
You tried to find a job, but no one was hiring, nor did they want someone who was dressed the way you were.
Why were you on the streets?
You've been there ever since you were nine...
It all started way back when, you were outside in the woods playing pretend with your imagination. It started getting dark out and you decided to venture back home. Or to what used to be your home. It was around sunset when you were walking through the door to your house, you hummed a tune, but came to a stop as you noticed it was unusually dark inside.
"Well, that's od
:icondawn-marie-michaelis:Dawn-Marie-Michaelis 380 245
Sebastian x Reader - Silence Is Boring, Answer Me
Sitting at your desk filing through papers, you heard three knocks on the study door.
"Enter!" You replied with irritation. Your butler, Sebastian, had opened the door and walked in with a tray in hand.
"Good morning, young mistress." He greeted you with a smile. You hadn't looked up from your paperwork. Sebastian's smile turned into a frown as he noticed this and raised his eyebrows in question as to why you had not replied to him as you usually did. Then he had realized he was still holding the tray.
"This morning I brought you a buttered croissant with peach tea and fresh raspberries."
He set everything down in front of you. Yet, you still did not look up at him. Now very curious as to why you were not responding, he stood by your side and nonchalantly glanced over at what you were reading. It was just ordinary paperwork. For some odd reason, you not speaking to him made him feel a bit shunned.
"Young mistress, if I may, why is it that you are ignoring me? You have only said one wor
:icondawn-marie-michaelis:Dawn-Marie-Michaelis 121 44
Sebastian x Reader -- For a Human (Part 2)
You look at the approaching manor. It had been a while since you had first visited, but you remembered clearly what your last visit had been like. After being caught practically naked by Sebastian, he had kissed you, then left with the promise of seeing you again.
But his comment rang through your ears. "You are a sight to see...for a human." For a human? You sigh, running your hands through your hair. What could he have possibly meant by that? The carriage pulled to a stop, and you feel your heart flutter in your chest. Will he remember me? Four months is not a huge time gap, but everyone knew how busy Ciel Phantomhive kept his butler.
"Welcome back, my lady." Your breath catches in your throat as you turn. Sebastian has opened the door and was in mid-bow, looking through his black bangs up at you with his fiery red eyes. You feel weightless as you take his hand and step out of the carriage. This time
:iconsebbyxciel123:SebbyxCiel123 131 13
Sebastian x Reader -- For a Human (Part 4)
"Sebastian, I need to ask you something." You sit on the bed, watching as he begins to fold and put away your laundry. Admittedly it had been a bit uncomfortable to have that talk with Ciel; it was awkward even looking at Sebastian when Ciel was around now. 
"Go ahead, my lady, but do hurry." He closes the drawer, turning to you.
"When I came here the first day, you said I was pretty...for a human. What does that mean?"
Sebastian gives you a blank look, then closes his eyes. "I regret my word choice," he admits. "I did not think I'd see you again. My young master took a liking to you, and insisted we invite you back. Though by then, I'd thought you'd have forgotten."
You clench your fists. "Pardon me, but that does not answer my question, Sebastian."
Sebastian looks down at you. You suddenly feel meek compared to this man. He's extremely tall, as you've noted before, and you've heard of his capabilities. "P-please
:iconsebbyxciel123:SebbyxCiel123 115 18


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