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Desert City

This is an environment concept I painted. This time with a little bit of architecture :D

Thanks for watching!

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Very well done.
I like the use of colour and light and shade to give depth and location (desert) to this scene. However, that's a lot of clouds for a desert city.
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Hey can I use this as a Wyvern scene? This would be better to use since it's closer up than the spiky field one
I'll credit you on the descrition
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Really beautiful and surreal!
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Wow, the future of egypt, excellent
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Wow, looks so cool. Sir, could I use this picture to be my album's cover?
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Ancient Egypt 12000 bc. No one then could've imagined the lost knowledge, the ignorance, the laughable theories about them.
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Your world-building in each image is fantastic. The story is right there in work. I could write about your stuff all day!
Is no one going to talk about how this looks strikingly similar to hotwheels world race? Its still good art tho
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thats is so amazing
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I love it but the buildings seem enormous. That isn`t a bad thing
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nice art...might this be available as cover art for a sciFi book?

if so pls email me at jrudnick at kkti dot com!
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very nice :D (Big Grin) Love Santa Clause
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What a great idea!
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This is amazing
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I saw this a long time ago but I forgot to leave a comment on how amazing this was. It feels like such a beautiful mesh of old and new, I would love to see this in real life.
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<font><font>me encanta!!! todo</font></font>
<font><font>: D</font></font>
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Great depth and great Atmosphere
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